Draenor Cooking Leveling Guide 1-100

This Draenor Cooking leveling guide will present you the quickest approach how one can level your Draenor Cooking skill up from 1 to 100 as inexpensively as attainable.

Usually the materials are primarily based on a case that you’ll achieve one skill level every craft. This may not occur, so you’ll have to purchase just a few additional materials if you are leveling Cooking.

Studying Draenor Cooking

You can learn Draenor cooking from The Joy of Draenor Cooking. The guide can drop from any humanoid mob at Draenor, however happily, the drop rate is fairly excessive, you must get it after 20-30 kills.

1 – 20

30 x Grilled Saberfish – 75 Crescent Saberfish Flesh

Whereas making these, you might have an opportunity to find new recipes randomly from 12 recipes. You can discover a list of those recipes on the subsequent step.

Found Cooking Recipes

You most likely found all 12 recipes from making the earlier dish. However the necessary factor is to have a minimum of two recipes that give the same secondary stat buff. If you do not have two from the same group, you can merely make extra Grilled Saberfish till you uncover the recipe you want.

I listed the recipes under primarily based on secondary stat achieve. All of them have two variations, one you can prepare dinner with fish, and one with meat.

20 – 50

Select two recipes from the same secondary stat group above and craft 15-15 from every. It is necessary to make recipes from the same secondary stat group as a result of you’ll use these recipes later.

If one of many substances is much more costly than the opposite one, you must craft 30 from the cheaper one first, so you’ll have to craft fewer from the costlier dish within the subsequent step.

50 – 75

Make one other 18-18 from recipes within the earlier step. (Make 10 from the cheaper one, and 25 from the costlier one for those who made 30 from the cheaper one within the earlier step)

I separated this into two components as a result of you’ll now get 9-10 dish as a substitute of 4 as a result of you might have the next cooking skill (50). In the event you began with making 35 from one then 35 from the opposite, you then would get like 130 from one dish and 350 from the opposite one. However this fashion you’re going to get round 240 from each, which is necessary as a result of you will want them each to prepare dinner the following recipe.

You do not have to achieve 75 precisely.

75 – 95

These are the recipes under that you simply found from making the earlier dishes:

Use all of the dishes you made between 20-75 to make round 45 from any of the recipes above.

You’ll need 45 from one in all these herbs: Fireweed, Nagrand Arrowbloom, Frostweed, Gorgrond Flytrap, Starflower, Talador Orchid. (depends upon which two recipes you selected beforehand)

It isn’t necessary to achieve precisely 95.

95 – 100

Getting skill factors from the earlier recipes are fairly uncommon at this level, so I like to recommend making 5 or extra from one of many following:

  • 5 x Feast of the Waters – 50 Sea Scorpion Phase, 50 Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh, 50 Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh, 50 Fat Sleeper Flesh, 50 Fire Ammonite Tentacle, 50 Jawless Skulker Flesh
  • 5 x Feast of Blood – 50 Raw Elekk Meat, 50 Raw Boar Meat, 50 Raw Talbuk Meat, 50 Raw Riverbeast Meat, 50 Rylak Egg, 50 Raw Clefthoof Meat

(you must have found each of those by now)