Medium Leather Farming Spots

This Medium Leather farming guide is made that will help you farm Medium Leather. I decided to seek for locations with excessive density of mobs which I can skin and drop Medium Leather. I traveled round Azeroth, and after some time I made an inventory of locations.

The recommended skinning skill for farming Medium Leather is around 140.  If you farm at these locations with lower Skinning skill, you’re going to get a number of lower tier Leather until you attain 140.


Medium Leather

Earlier than you go wherever, clear your baggage first. That’s as a result of for skinning the animals, that you must loot them first. This implies you’ll collect a number of junk stuff filling your baggage.

Wetlands – Alliance or level larger Horde

Finest place to farm Medium Leather is on the street east of Greenwarden’s Grove in Wetlands, there’s a battle happening there between Dragonmaw Whelpstealers and Ebon Slavehunters. Ebon Slavehunters are skinnable they usually respawn extraordinarily rapidly.


The Cape of Stranglethorn

Ironjaw Basilisk and Thrashtail Basilisk. Half of those basilisks are contained in the cave, when you cleared the cave it’s probably that the mobs outdoors already respawned. There are additionally a number of beasts north of the Gurubashi area.


Southern Barrens

Terrortooth Raptors simply south of Hunter’s Hill. Prompt respawn, while you kill one raptor a brand new one will spawn, for ranged courses this could be one of the best place to farm leather.These raptors have a better likelihood to drop Heavy Leather than the opposite mobs on this record.


Stonetalon Mountains

Black Dragon Whelps on the The Charred Vale. These mobs are extremly straightforward to kill, however they arrive in pack of three, so it is simpler to farm these when you’ve got some form of AoE means.


These are my favourite locations for Medium Leather farming. Contact me when you’ve got different nice farming spots!

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