Mote of Shadow & Primal Shadow farming Spot

This Mote of Shadow farming guide will present you the locations that I take advantage of for farming Mote of Shadow. There have been no main adjustments to Mote drop charges at Outland, so this guide can be utilized for Burning Crusade Classic (TBC) and Retail WoW.

Primal Shadow comes from combining 10 Mote of Shadow, so for those who want Primal Shadow, it’s important to farm Mote of Shadow.


Mote of Shadow

Mote of Shadow

The Arcatraz

This farming place is for Retail WoW gamers solely. When you play Burning Crusade Classic, scroll down a bit for the opposite farming locations. However, for retail gamers, that is the very best farming place. They’ll ignore the remainder of the guide. (assuming you’ve got a high-level character)

The Arcatraz is situated East of Netherstorm, it is close to the raid occasion Tempest Maintain. You will notice 3 platforms floating within the sky, Arcatraz is the best floating platform, significantly larger than the others. (picture of the entrance) There will probably be bars on the occasion entrance, simply merely click on to unlock them.

Killing Negaton Warp-Masters and Negaton Screamers at The Arcatraz is the easiest way to farm Mote of Shadow.

One run takes 2-3 minutes and also you get round 9-12 Mote of Shadow.

After you killed the mobs, go exterior and reset the Occasion by proper clicking over your individual portrait then click on the “Reset all occasion” button. This restarts the entire occasion and all mobs will probably be again. You possibly can solely reset an occasion 10 instances in an hour.

Hellfire Peninsula

You possibly can farm Mote of Shadow at Void Ridge in Hellfire Peninsula. There may be lots of Vacillating Voidcallers and Collapsing Voidwalker on the marked location, all of them have actually quick respawn time, so you’ll be able to farm right here with out downtime.



You may also farm Voidspawns round Oshu’gun in Nagrand. These are a bit larger level than the mobs at Hellfire, however the drop fee can be larger.