Shadowlands Engineering Leveling Guide 1 – 100

engineeringThis Shadowlands Engineering leveling guide will show you how to level your Shadowlands Engineering Profession from 1 to 100 in the most efficient method.

The guide here will help you level up in the shortest amount of time.

Engineering goes hand in hand with Mining since you are going to need a lot of ore to get to 1 to 100. If you don’t have the gold, we recommend our Mining leveling guide there you will find all that’s needed to be a self-made Engineering.

Shadowlands Engineering Trainer Location

You can learn Shadowlands Engineering from Machinist Au’gur in Oribos within the Hall of Shapes. (Coordinates: 38.1, 44.7)


Materials Needed

Luminous Flux and Machinist’s Oil are sold by  Distributor Au’burk. He also sells Twilight Bark altough is a limited amount.

In case you don’t know where to get those materials or the most optimal way to get them , here you have all of our guides .

Leveling Shadowlands Engineering

There’s a few racials that can help you with blacksmithing and save you a ton of gold by doing keeping recipes yellow for longer.

Gnomeengineering Specialization

Kul TiranJack of All Trades.

Where is the Anvil in Oribos?

There isnt an anvil next to the Engineering trainer so you will have to go a few steps behint to the Blacksmith trainer.

1 to 25

You are going to need plenty of this,  so get this done first .

25 to 76

  • 46 – 50
    4 x Wormfed Gear Assembly – 16 Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 20 Porous Polishing Abrasive, 12 Laestrite Ore
  • 55 – 76
    21 x Wormfed Gear Assembly – 84 Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 105 Porous Polishing Abrasive, 63 Laestrite Ore

76 to 91

Make 15 from considered one of these:

Engineering World Quests in Shadowlands

If you are level 60 and arent in a rush to get to 100 , you can save a few golds by waiting for the Engineering World Quests. they will each give you 1 point and should show up every few days.

Darkmoon Faire free +5 skill points

If the timing is right, you can save even more gold by doing an easy turn in quest on the Darkmoon Faire. Every first Sunday of everymonth the Darkmoon Faire opens its gates and you can find Quests for each profesion.

You can get +5 skill points by finishing a single quest.

91 to 97

2 x Flexible Ectoplasmic Specs – 6 Wormfed Gear Assembly, 10 Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 4 Umbryl, 20 Shrouded Cloth

You could make another goggles. (make the one which your class can use)

97 to 100

The few final points aren’t worth leveling up by crafting since the only recipe left to learn is locked behind a reputation grind , just pay attention to the World Quests.

In case you need to get to 100 as fast as possible just make more Engineering Goggles.