Shadowlands Leatherworking Leveling Guide 1 – 100

LeatherworkingThis Shadowlands Leatherworking leveling guide will show you how to level your Shadowlands Leatherworking Profession from 1 to 100 in the most efficient method.

The guide here will help you level up in the shortest amount of time.

Leatherworking goes hand in hand with Skinning, since you are going to need a lot of ore to get to 1 to 100. If you don’t have the gold, we recommend our skinning leveling guide there you will find all that’s needed to be a self-made Leatherworker.

Shadowlands Leatherworking Trainer Location

You can learn Shadowlands Leatherworking from Tanner Au’qil in Oribos within the Hall of Shapes. (Coordinates: 42.6, 26.8)

Leveling Shadowlands Leatherworking

Check out my Desolate Leather Farming Guide if you wish to farm the leathers! All skinnable mobs can drop the 5 new skinning materials, so you can farm the same mobs for each leather.

Approximate Materials Required for 1-100

Curing Salt and Penumbra Thread can be bought from Distributor Au’tem. You can find him next to the trainer.

1 – 51

51 – 60

15 x Crafter’s Mark I – 75 Desolate Leather

This recipe shall be yellow for the final 5 points, so that you might need to make extra or fewer.

60 – 70

5 x Shadebound Waistguard – 150 Desolate Leather, 5 Callous Hide

70 – 85

24 x Heavy Desolate Leather – 240 Desolate Leather

85 – 89

4 x Heavy Callous Hide – 40 Callous Hide

Make this  for the next step .

Darkmoon Faire free +5 skill points

If the timing is right you can save even more gold by doing an easy turn in quest on the Darkmoon Faire. Every first sunday of everymonth the Darkmoon Faire opens its gates  and you can find Quests for each profesion.

You can achieve +5 skill points by finishing a single quest.

89 – 92

1 x Shadowscale Vest – 1 Heavy Callous Hide, 7 Pallid Bone, 6 Heavy Desolate Leather

92 – 100

3 x Shadowscale Leggings – 3 Heavy Callous Hide, 21 Pallid Bone, 18 Heavy Desolate Leather