Divine Storm Rune in WoW Classic Seasons Of Discovery

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The Divine Storm Rune stands as a coveted prize for Retribution Paladins in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. This powerful rune unlocks the iconic Divine Storm ability, granting devastating AoE damage and solidifying your role as a DPS powerhouse. This guide delves into the details of acquiring and using the Divine Storm Rune, helping you unleash your inner storm in Azeroth.

Divine Storm Mechanics:

  • Damage: Deals 75% weapon damage to the target and 25% to nearby enemies (AoE).
  • Cost: 200 mana.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds.
  • Rune Slot: Engraved on the Chest slot.

Unlocking the Divine Storm: A Guide to Obtaining the Powerful Rune

Embark on a quest to acquire the Divine Storm Rune, a potent tool for Paladins in WoW Classic.

1. The Tower of Althalaxx:

  • Journey to the Tower of Althalaxx in Northern Darkshore.
  • Ascend to the tower’s peak and click on the orb you find there.

2. Maestra’s Post:

  • Travel to Maestra’s Post in Ashenvale and seek out Delgren the Purifier.
  • Initiate the quest “Advice From Stormwind” by speaking with him.

3. Stormwind City:

  • Head to Stormwind City and find Katherine the Pure.
  • Turn in the “Advice From Stormwind” quest and receive the follow-up, “A Second Opinion.”

4. Stormwind Mage Quarters:

  • Locate Ursula Deline in the Stormwind Mage Quarters.
  • Speak with her to obtain the quest “Earning Your Salt.”

5. Redridge Mountains:

  • Venture to Redridge Mountains and hunt down Blackrock Summoners.
  • Defeat them until you collect 14 Summoner’s Salt, fulfilling the “Earning Your Salt” quest.

6. Return to Stormwind:

  • Back in Stormwind, turn in the completed “Earning Your Salt” quest.
  • You will receive the follow-up quest, “It Must Be Destroyed.”

7. Demon Fall Canyon:

  • Travel to Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale and face off against Searing Infernals, Felguards, and Mannoroth Lashers.
  • Gather 12 Motes of Mannoroth from these fallen demons to complete the “It Must Be Destroyed” quest.

8. Mannoroth’s Weapons:

  • Navigate to the area around coordinates /way 89 77.
  • Locate Mannoroth’s weapons and click on the circle below them.
  • A broken orb will drop to the ground, initiating the final quest in the chain, “Return to Delgren.”

9. Completing the Journey:

  • Return to Delgren the Purifier in Maestra’s Post.
  • Turn in the “Return to Delgren” quest and finally receive the coveted Divine Storm Rune.

Congratulations! You have successfully acquired this powerful rune and unlocked its potential.


  • High AoE damage potential.
  • Short cooldown for sustained DPS.
  • Powerful addition to your Paladin’s DPS rotation.


  • Requires a dedicated quest chain and group effort to acquire.
  • High mana cost, necessitating careful mana management.
  • Vulnerable to interrupts and silences due to its melee nature.

Optimal Usage:

  • Use Divine Storm in situations with multiple enemies to maximize its AoE damage.
  • Combine it with other damage-boosting cooldowns for burst damage phases.
  • Manage your mana carefully to ensure you can maintain high uptime on the ability.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid interrupting your casts with movement.


  • Judgement of Wisdom: Offers consistent damage and mana regeneration for your party.
  • Consecration: Provides strong AoE damage and threat generation.


The Divine Storm Rune is a must-have for any Retribution Paladin aspiring to dominate the damage charts in Season of Discovery. With its powerful AoE potential and short cooldown, it significantly enhances your DPS capabilities. By understanding its mechanics, acquisition process, and optimal usage strategies, you can unleash the storm and become a force to be reckoned with in the Classic WoW landscape.