Big Gamy Ribs farming Spot

I made this Big Gamy Ribs farming guide to assist out gamers who need to farm meat as a substitute of shopping for them from the Auction House. I made a decision to seek for locations with excessive density of mobs which I can kill and drop [Big Gamy Ribs]. I traveled round Damaged Isles, and after some time I made an inventory of locations.


Big Gamy Ribs

Take into account! In Legion, a number of folks can tag the identical mob and nonetheless get loot. So, even when somebody is already killing your mob, you’ll be able to simply assist him and you’ll loot it too.


Finest spot to farm Big Gamy Ribs is close to Nesingwary’s camp in Highmountain. Sated Hillstrider will always maintain spawning across the marked space.