Season of Discovery Class Runes

The “Season of Discovery” in World of Warcraft Classic introduces an array of Class Runes, unique enhancements that significantly alter class abilities and gameplay. These Runes offer specialized boosts, such as enhanced attack speeds for Warriors or stat increases for Hunters, allowing players to tailor their characters’ abilities to their playstyle. This new feature adds depth and variety to the game, encouraging experimentation and strategic thinking in character development. Below you’ll find a list of every Class Rune, and information on where / how to get those specific runes.

Rune NameClass
Single-Minded FuryWarrior Warrior
Quick StrikeWarrior Warrior
DevastateWarrior Warrior
Endless RageWarrior Warrior
Victory RushWarrior Warrior
Consumed By RageWarrior Warrior
Frenzied AssaultWarrior Warrior
Furious ThunderWarrior Warrior
WarbringerWarrior Warrior
Raging BlowWarrior Warrior
Blood FrenzyWarrior Warrior
FlagellationWarrior Warrior
Soul SiphonWarlock Warlock
HauntWarlock Warlock
Chaos BoltWarlock Warlock
Shadow Bolt VolleyWarlock Warlock
MetamorphosisWarlock Warlock
Demonic ImpactWarlock Warlock
Everlasting AfflictionWarlock Warlock
Demonic GraceWarlock Warlock
IncinerateWarlock Warlock
Demon TacticsWarlock Warlock
Master ChannelerWarlock Warlock
Lake of FireWarlock Warlock
Ancestral GuidanceShaman Shaman
istic RageShaman Shaman
Molten BlastShaman Shaman
Lava LashShaman Shaman
Lava BurstShaman Shaman
Water ShieldShaman Shaman
Way of EarthShaman Shaman
Earth ShieldShaman Shaman
Healing RainShaman Shaman
OverloadShaman Shaman
Shield MasteryShaman Shaman
Dual Wield SpecializationShaman Shaman
Main GaucheRogue Rogue
ShivRogue Rogue
Saber SlashRogue Rogue
ShadowstrikeRogue Rogue
MutilateRogue Rogue
EnvenomRogue Rogue
Blade DanceRogue Rogue
Between The EyesRogue Rogue
Slaughter From The ShadowsRogue Rogue
Quick DrawRogue Rogue
Just A Flesh WoundRogue Rogue
Deadly BrewRogue Rogue
Shared PainPriest Priest
Shadow Word: DeathPriest Priest
Circle of HealingPriest Priest
Mind SearPriest Priest
PenancePriest Priest
Prayer of MendingPriest Priest
HomunculiPriest Priest
Power Word: BarrierPriest Priest
Twisted FaithPriest Priest
Strength of SoulPriest Priest
SerendipityPriest Priest
Void PlaguePriest Priest
Hand Of ReckoningPaladin Paladin
Crusader StrikePaladin Paladin
Beacon Of LightPaladin Paladin
RebukePaladin Paladin
ExorcistPaladin Paladin
Avenger's ShieldPaladin Paladin
Inspiration ExemplarPaladin Paladin
Divine SacrificePaladin Paladin
AegisPaladin Paladin
Horn Of LordaeronPaladin Paladin
Divine StormPaladin Paladin
Seal Of MartyrdomPaladin Paladin
RegenerationMage Mage
Ice LanceMage Mage
Arcane BlastMage Mage
Living BombMage Mage
Living FlameMage Mage
Rewind TimeMage Mage
Mass RegenerationMage Mage
Arcane SurgeMage Mage
Icy VeinsMage Mage
EnlightenmentMage Mage
Fingers Of FrostMage Mage
BurnoutMage Mage
Explosive ShotHunter Hunter
Chimera ShotHunter Hunter
Beast MasteryHunter Hunter
Flanking StrikesHunter Hunter
Serpent SpreadHunter Hunter
Sniper TrainingHunter Hunter
Kill CommandHunter Hunter
Cobra ShotHunter Hunter
Aspect of the LionHunter Hunter
Master MarksmenHunter Hunter
Lone WolfHunter Hunter
CarveHunter Hunter
OverviewDruid Druid
StarsurgeDruid Druid
Skull BashDruid Druid
Savage RoarDruid Druid
LifebloomDruid Druid
Wild GrowthDruid Druid
SunfireDruid Druid
MangleDruid Druid
LacerateDruid Druid
Survival of the FittestDruid Druid
Wild StrikeDruid Druid
Living SeedDruid Druid
Fury Of StormrageDruid Druid