Crystallized Air / Eternal Air farming Spot

I made this Crystallized Air farming guide to assist out gamers who need to farm Crystallized Air as a substitute of shopping for them from the Auction House.

Eternal Air comes from combining 10 Crystallized Air, so for those who want Eternal Air, it’s important to farm Crystallized Air.


Crystallized Air

Crystallized Air

Shopping for Eternal Air from Distributors


You should purchase 1 Eternal Air for 1 [Frozen Orb] from Frozo the Renowned. He will be discovered on the previous Northrend Dalaran, at 40.1, 28.3 coordinates. (you possibly can’t discover him at Damaged Isles Dalaran)

Fortuitously, you can purchase [Frozen Orb] from distributors for 75 gold. (it is best to examine the Auction House simply in case Frozen Orb or Eternal Air is cheaper there)

Frozen Orb vendor location:

Each of those distributors are at previous Northrend Dalaran. You possibly can’t discover them at Damaged Isles Dalaran!

  • Alliance: Arcanist Ivrenne is inside The Silver Enclave. You may discover her within the room on the prime of the steps to the best.
  • Horde: Magistrix Lambriesse is inside Sunreaver’s Sanctuary.

Northrend Dalaran

Borean Tundra


Enraged Tempests at Borean Tundra is the most effective supply of Crystallized Air. There’s at all times a number of of those mobs up, so you possibly can farm right here with out downtime.




Killing Altar Wardens in Zul’Drak is one other good strategy to farm. These mobs are actually unfold aside, and the respaw fee shouldn’t be that quick, however they typically drop 3-4 Crystallized Air.