Deep Sea Satin Farming Guide

I made this Deep Sea Satin farming guide to assist out gamers who need to farm the cloths as a substitute of buying them from the Auction House. I traveled round Zuldazar and Kul Tiras to seek for locations with a excessive density of mobs which I can kill and drop Deep Sea Satin. Under you’ll find a list of locations I feel are the perfect for farming Deep Sea Satin.

Deep Sea Satin is dropped by each mob that may drop Tidespray Linen, nevertheless it has loads decrease drop fee.


Deep Sea Satin

Tailors will get far more cloth than non-Tailors, even when their BfA Tailoring skill is 1. Do not count on a whole lot of Deep Sea Satin for those who farm with out Tailoring.

Take into account! A number of individuals can tag the identical mob and nonetheless get loot. So, even when somebody is already killing your mob, you’ll be able to simply assist him and you’ll loot it too.

Tiragarde Sound

A very good place to farm Deep Sea Satin is the non-instance model of Freehold in Tiragarde Sound. The mobs are actually shut to one another so, you’ll be able to pull a bunch of mobs collectively then AoE them down. The respawn fee will not be that quick, however for those who do a full loop on the island, the mobs initially ought to begin respawning. Attempt to make a much bigger loop across the island for those who see that you simply kill them too quick and have to attend for respawns. (you can too use the bridges and go to different components of Freehold)



The Darkish Iron dwarves at Xibala in Zuldazar respawn actually quick, you’ll be able to by no means run out of them.