Dredged Leather Farming Guide

I made this Dredged Leather farming guide to assist out gamers who wish to farm the leathers as an alternative of buying them from the Auction House. I traveled round Nazjatar to seek for locations with excessive density of mobs which I can kill and drop Dredged Leather. Under one can find a list of locations I believe are one of the best for farming Dredged Leather.


Dredged Leather


Dredged Leather ranks

  • The rank 1 requires Skinning 140. You can learn it out of your coach Rolm / Instructor Ulooaka at Nazjatar. (It’s important to end the primary few intro quest at Nazjatar earlier than you can see these NPCs.) You can nonetheless skin the mobs with out getting the rank 1, however you’re going to get fewer leathers.
  • You can get the rank 2 from Vor’koth. To summon him, it’s important to loot a Chum from beasts at Nazjatar. (random drop) Then toss the Chum into the Eel Infested Water at this location. (Coordinates: 48.35 24.31) Kill the three mobs that spawn, loot the chum then throw them in once more. Repeat this a number of instances then Vor’koth will spaw. It is a uncommon mobs so that you may not be capable of solo him you probably have unhealthy gear.Each the Rank 2 – Skinning Technique: Dredged Leather and the Rank 2 – Skinning Technique: Cragscale are dropped by him, so I needed to kill him twice to get each recipes as a result of I may only loot one in every of them from one kill.
  • Rank 3 is from a quest merchandise that drops from Skinning Dredged Leather. (random drop, not 100%)

Nazjatar – 1

There are every kind of Snapdragons across the marked space, all of them drop Dredged Leather (besides the infant snapdragons). A number of them are elites, however they’re fairly simple to kill you probably have respectable gear.

If you have not completed the Snap Back quest, then you must pick it up from Collector Kojo. You’re going to get a scroll from the hunt that lets you kill Elite Snapdragons a lot sooner. So in case you do not flip within the quest, you can drastically enhance your skinning charge.