Classic WoW Enchanting Leveling Guide 1-300

This Classic WoW Enchanting Leveling Guide will present you the quickest and best strategy to level your Enchanting skill up from 1 to 300.

In the event you nonetheless have not determined about your second profession, I feel Enchanting goes properly with Tailoring since you do not want a gathering profession to assist both of them, and you may also use Enchanting to disenchant the objects you made with Tailoring. Take a look at my Classic Tailoring leveling guide if you wish to level Tailoring.

Enchanting guide sections:

Approximate Supplies Required

That is the checklist of the approximate supplies required to level Enchanting as much as 300.

Taking part in Burning Crusade Classic?

The guide you’re at the moment studying is for Classic Period realms. Use my TBC Enchanting leveling guide 1-375 as a substitute. There are a couple of modifications to trainers and recipes, so you must use the Burning Crusade guide for the 1-300 half.

Classic Enchanting Coach Location

To turn into an Apprentice Enchanter it’s worthwhile to attain level 5 and discover an Enchanting coach.

Simply click on on any of those hyperlinks beneath to see the coach’s precise location. It’s also possible to stroll as much as a guard in any metropolis and ask the place the Enchanting coach is, then it is going to be marked with a crimson flag in your map

Horde trainers:

Alliance trainers:

Leveling Classic Enchanting

1 – 50

  • 1-2
    1x Runed Copper Rod – 1 Copper Rod, 1 Unusual Mud, 1 Lesser Magic EssenceCopper Rod is bought by Commerce Items, Commerce Provides, and Enchanting Provides distributors. They’re normally close to your coach, so do not buy it from the Auction House.

Enchanting Journeyman

You’ll be able to solely prepare Enchanting previous 75 when you be taught Journeyman Enchanting. Not each Enchanting coach will train you this skill, you need to discover an Skilled Enchanter. (Requires level 10)

You’ll be able to be taught Journeyman Enchanting from these NPCs beneath:

Horde trainers:

Alliance trainers:

50 – 110

  • 50-90
    40x Enchant Bracer: Minor Health – 40 Unusual MudIf Unusual Mud is affordable and Larger Magic Essence is dear in your realm, you can also make this Enchant as much as 120.
  • 100-101
    1x Runed Silver Rod – 1 Silver Rod, 6 Unusual Mud, 3 Larger Magic Essence, 1 Shadowgem

110 – 135

Purchase these two recipes Formula: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength, Formula: Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility from Kulwia (Horde) in Stonetalon Mountains, or from Dalria (Alliance) in Ashenvale.

These are restricted provide recipes. If somebody purchased them earlier than you, then you need to look forward to it to respawn. I am undecided in regards to the precise respawn timer, but it surely’s between 30-50 min.

25x Enchant Cloak: Minor Agility – 25 Lesser Astral Essence

Different recipe

Make the recipe beneath if Astral essence is dear in your realm and you could find low-cost Small Glimmering Shards.

28x Enchant 2H Weapon – Minor Impact – 112 Unusual Mud, 28 Small Glimmering Shard

Enchanting Skilled

To turn into an Skilled Enchanter it’s worthwhile to attain level 20 and level up Enchanting to 125, then discover an Skilled Enchanting coach.

There is just one Skilled Enchanting coach for every faction. Kitta Firewind in Elwynn Forest is the Alliance coach. She is on the prime level of the Tower of Azora.

Hgarth in Stonetalon Mountains at Solar Rock Retreat is the Horde coach. He’s up on the hill, there is a steep path that leads as much as him. It is not simply noticeable.

135 – 156

  • 155-156
    1x Runed Golden Rod – 1 Golden Rod, 1 Iridescent Pearl, 2 Larger Astral Essence, 2 Soul Mud

156 – 185

40x Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength – 80 Soul Mud

Examine the “110-135” step for recipe location.

Different recipe

If 1x Lesser Mystic Essence is quite a bit cheaper than 2x Soul Mud then you possibly can swap to this recipe at 165:

20x Enchant Bracer: Spirit – 20 Lesser Mystic Essence

185 – 225

  • 200-201
    1x Runed Truesilver Rod – 1 Truesilver Rod, 1 Black Pearl, 2 Larger Mystic Essence, 2 Imaginative and prescient Mud
  • 201-220
    35x Enchant Bracer: Strength – 35 Imaginative and prescient MudThe enchant can be yellow, so you can purchase sufficient mud to make it round 30-35 occasions.

Enchanting Artisan

To turn into an Artisan Enchanter it’s worthwhile to attain level 35 and level up Enchanting to 200, then discover an Artisan Enchanting coach.

Methods to discover the Artisan Enchanting coach

You could find Annora the Artisan Enchanting coach in Uldaman. She is the one coach that may train you Artisan Enchanting.

There are a few recipes that solely Annora can train you, so you must deliver sufficient gold to be taught each recipe and sufficient enchanting supplies to succeed in Enchanting 250. Else you would need to return to Uldaman once more for the higher-level recipes.

In complete, you will want 11.79 Gold to be taught every part from Annora, and round 200 Vision Dust ought to get you to Enchanting 250.

Methods to enter Uldaman

The Uldaman occasion is situated in Badlands. It has two entrances, you must enter from the again entrance.

You’ll be able to’t solo Uldaman at level 35, so that you both should go there with a celebration or ask a level 60 that will help you out.



Annora’s location inside Uldaman

Annora will solely spawn when you kill each mob within the space she is in!



225 – 250

Do not forget to be taught every part from Annora earlier than you permit Uldaman!

Attempt to hunt for Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina on the Auction House. It is a random world drop, however this recipe is one of the best to level Enchanting from 245 to 265 and even 285.

250 – 265

20x Lesser Mana Oil – 60 Dream Mud, 40 Purple Lotus, 20 Crystal Vial

You may make this one as much as 270 if you may get low-cost purple lotus.

Kania sells the Formula: Lesser Mana Oil in Silithus. She is upstairs within the Inn.

265 – 294

30x Enchant Shield: Greater Stamina – 300 Dream Mud

The recipe is bought by Daniel Bartlett at Undercity, and by Mythrin’dir at Darnassus.

IMPORTANT! The recipe binds when picked up! Do not make the error of making an attempt to purchase it with an alt and mail it. It is also restricted in provide, this implies you need to wait if somebody purchased it earlier than you.

294 – 295

1x Runed Arcanite Rod – 1 Arcanite Rod, 1 Golden Pearl, 10 Phantasm Mud, 4 Larger Everlasting Essence, 4 Small Sensible Shard, 2 Massive Sensible Shard

Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod is bought by Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade at Nighthaven. The following recipe can also be bought by her, so do not depart before you purchase that one too.

295 – 300

5x Enchant Cloak: Superior Defense – 40 Phantasm Mud

Formula: Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense is bought by Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade at Nighthaven.

You’ll be able to proceed to make Enchant Shield: Greater Stamina if in case you have plenty of dream mud, or Phantasm Mud is actually costly.

Congratulations on reaching 300! Please send feedback in regards to the guide when you suppose there are components I might enhance, otherwise you discovered typos, errors, unsuitable materials numbers!

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