Knothide Leather Farming Spots

This Knothide Leather farming guide is made that will help you farm Knothide Leather. I made a decision to seek for locations with a excessive density of mobs that I can skin and drop Knothide Leather. I traveled round Outland, and after some time, I made a listing of locations.

Study Outland Skinning from any of those NPCs beneath earlier than you begin farming. You may skin these mobs beneath with out Outland Skinning, however you’re going to get quite a bit fewer leathers!

Each factions can study it from Seymour in Shattrath Metropolis, and you can even study it from Jelena Nightsky (Alliance) at Honor Maintain, or from Moorutu at Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.


Knothide Leather


This guide is for Retail WoW gamers solely. Whereas there weren’t that many adjustments to Outland, some mobs have been nerfed, or modified, so when you play Burning Crusade Classic, go to my TBC Classic Knothide Leather Farming Guide.


Karazhan is a level 35 raid occasion, you will not be capable of solo this one in case your level is just too low. Verify the locations talked about beneath this half you probably have a decrease level character.

Karazhan is by far the very best place to farm Knothide Leather your level is excessive sufficient. The entrance to Karazhan is at Deadwind Go. You’ll find it in Jap Kingdoms between Duskwood and Swamp of Sorrows.

Flip proper after you enter, skip the spiders after which kill all of the bats and fel hounds. As soon as you might be performed, go exterior and right-click by yourself portrait then click on reset all situations. You may anticipate 45-50 items of leather every run and one run takes about 4 minutes, so you’re going to get round 500 leather in an hour. (You can’t reset an occasion greater than 10 instances per hour)

Do not kill any raid boss otherwise you will not be capable of reset the occasion!

You must cease twice to kill and skin the mobs as a result of the corpses may begin despawning earlier than you’ll be able to skin them when you attempt to kill all of them in a single pull.


There are three good farming locations in Netherstorm.

  1. Ripfang Lynx and Barbscale Crocolisk across the Eco-Dome Midrealm.
  2. Talbuk Doe and Talbuk Sire round Stormpsire.
  3. Scythetooth Raptor across the marked space to the north.



The Talbuk Thorngrazers are a bit unfold aside right here, however in any other case, a very good place to farm Knothide Leather.


Terrokar Forest

Kill Razorthorn Ravager in Terrokar Forest. You will have a flying mount to achieve the Ravagers as a result of they’re on high of a mountain, do not confuse them with the Ravagers at Hellfire Penninsula.

There are additionally a number of huge guys round this space however you’ll be able to’t skin them.


Contact me you probably have different nice farming spots!

Go to my Borean Leather farming web page when you’ve gotten sufficient Knothide Leather!