Mote of Water & Primal Water Farming Guide Spot

This Mote of Water farming guide will present you the locations that I take advantage of for farming Mote of Water. There have been no main modifications to Mote drop charges at Outland, so this guide can be utilized for Burning Crusade Classic (TBC) and Retail WoW.

Primal Water comes from combining 10 Mote of Water, so if you happen to want Primal Water, you need to farm Mote of Water.


Mote of Water

Mote of Water

Black Temple

This farming place is for Retail WoW gamers solely. For those who play Burning Crusade Classic, scroll down a bit for the opposite farming locations. However, for retail gamers, that is one of the best farming place. They’ll ignore the remainder of the guide. (assuming you could have a high-level character)

This can be a level 30 raid occasion, so lower-level gamers ought to take a look at the choice locations talked about beneath. I am unsure concerning the precise level, however you ought to be above level 35 to solo this place.

The Black Temple is situated East of Shadowmoon Valley. It is an enormous citadel, so you’ll spot it from distant.

The doorway to the Black Temple is a crack within the wall to the appropriate of the primary gate. I made a picture of the entrance since it may be arduous to identify.

As soon as you might be inside, you solely need to clear the primary few rooms till the primary boss however do not kill High Warlord Naj’entus, or you possibly can’t reset the trash mobs.

Search for these mobs: Aqueous Spawn, Aqueous Lord, and Aqueous Surger. They’re all water elementals, so it is simple to identify them. Essentially the most Mote of Water will come from two small rooms the place you’ll discover a bunch of Aqueous Spawn.

One run takes 3-4 minutes, and you’ll get round 20-30 Mote of Water. That is by far essentially the most Mote of Water you may get in such a brief period of time.

After you cleared the primary space, go exterior and reset the Occasion by right-clicking over your personal portrait, then click on the “Reset all occasion” button. This restarts the entire occasion, and all mobs shall be again, however you possibly can solely reset an occasion 10 instances in an hour.

Nagrand – Elemental Plateau


One of the best place to farm Mote of Water is on the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. Crashing Wave-Spirits have the best likelihood of dropping Mote of Water, and so they typically drop 2.


Terokkar Forest


Farming Skettis Surgers at Terokkar Forest is one other nice method to get quite a lot of Mote of Water. The drop fee is much like Elemental Plateau in Nagrand, however the mobs are a bit extra unfold aside.


Shadowmoony Valley


Farming Enraged Water Spirits in Shadowmoon Valley can also be a good place for farming Mote of Water, however they drop it much less continuously. It’s important to transfer between these three locations and kill all of the water elementals.




Farming Muck Spawns at Nagrand is a good different if you cannot farm at any of the earlier locations. They’ve a decrease drop fee, however the respawn fee is quick, and the water there’s shallow sufficient that you do not have to swim.