Outland Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 1 – 75

A panoramic view of the Barrens outside the Wailing Caverns in World of Warcraft, showcasing the arid landscape and rocky cliffs.
Before braving the Wailing Caverns, adventurers must traverse the unforgiving Barrens. Will they find danger or fortune?

This Outland Jewelcrafting leveling guide will present you the quickest means methods to level your Outland Jewelcrafting skill up from 1 to 75 as inexpensively as potential.

Profession skills are break up between expansions now, you may have a separate skill bar for every growth. This guide is for the “Outland” Jewelcrafting skill in the present retail model of World of Warcraft. I’ve a separate guide for Bruning Campaign Classic, so in case you are in search of that, go to my Classic TBC Jewelcrafting leveling guide.

Leveling Outland Jewelcrafting

Go to Outland and discover Loremaster Skosiris in Shattrath Metropolis. There will likely be a bunch of bookcases behind him, click on on the Jewelcrafting bookcase and learn Outland Jewelcrafting. When you select the Aldor faction throughout one of many Outland quests, then you can’t work together with these books, it’s a must to go to Nemiha in Shattrath Metropolis. (the quickest approach to discover these NPCs in case you simply ask a guard within the city for course)

Draenei characters have +10 Jewelcrafting skill due to their passive Gemcutting. An additional 10 Jewelcrafting skill means recipes keep orange for 10 extra points, so you can save numerous gold by doing lower level recipes for 10 extra points.

1 – 20

Minimize round 30 from one in every of these gems:

You can additionally minimize from these beneath, however you’ll use most of those raw gems for later elements:

Timeless Shadow Draenite turns inexperienced a bit before the remainder, however you can swap to Glinting Shadow Draenite at 15.

20 – 25

Make 5-7 from any of the next gems.

Or you can additionally make 5x Golden Draenite Ring – 5 Fel Iron Bar, 10 Golden Draenite

25 – 35

If you’re leveling in Shattrath Metropolis with out Aldor status, you can find a forge to craft these close to Kradu Grimblade.

10x Mercurial Adamantite – 40 Adamantite Powder (prospect 200 Adamantite Ore), 10 Primal Earth

Save these, you will want them later.

Make a number of from any of the next gems in case you did not attain 35:

Or you can make a number of Golden Draenite Ring in case you only have Golden Draenite.

35 – 40

Make 5-10 from any of the next gems.

40 – 50

10x Heavy Adamantite Ring – 10 Adamantite Bar, 10 Mercurial Adamantite

You can proceed to make the gems above in case you did not attain 50 by making the rings, or make a number of extra rings.

50 – 60

The very best recipes for this half are Mystic Dawnstone and Steady Talasite as a result of it is very easy to get them.

You’ll need to craft round 12 from one in every of them, so you will want round 12 Dawnstone or Talasite. (or like 6, 6 in case you get each recipes) You will not achieve skill points for each craft as a result of the recipes will likely be yellow, so that you might need to make greater than 12.


Halaa is a small city on a plateau in the midst of Nagrand. The faction controlling the city positive aspects entry to the NPCs spawned inside Halaa. This implies you can’t purchase these recipes beneath in case your faction does not management Halaa. However since there’s often nobody doing PvP on this zone, you can safely flip in Conflict Mode, kill the 15 guards, go to the center of Halaa and wait till the faction progress bar fills up.

You can purchase Design: Mystic Dawnstone at Halaa from Aldraan (Alliance), or from Coreiel (Horde) for 12 gold. It is a restricted provide recipe, so if somebody purchased it earlier than you, then it’s a must to look ahead to it to respawn. (round 15min)

Halaa Analysis Token

Design: Steady Talasite is offered by Quartermaster Davian Vaclav (Alliance) and by Quartermaster Jaffrey Noreliqe (Horde) at Halaa for 4 Halaa Research Token.

You can get 1 Halaa Research Token by delivering 10 Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Sample close to the Halaa Quartermasters.

You can get 40 Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Sample in about 10 minutes, each single mob in Nagrand have an opportunity to drop one, however Sunspring Put up might be the very best place to farm these as a result of there are numerous mobs packed collectively there. (West from Halaa)

Different Recipes

The remainder of the uncommon gem craft are all World Drops with very low drop likelihood, so the best choice is to examine the Auction House since you would possibly discover one in every of them for a number of hundred gold. (they often value hundreds and it isn’t value buying them)

Each recipe has the raw gem title in it, so they may pop up in case you seek for the gem names. Instance: Rigid Star of Elune

Examine the recipes looking for these on the Auction House: Living Ruby, Nightseye, Noble Topaz, Star of Elune.

60 – 70

There are 5 recipes that you can use:

I like to recommend making Kailee’s Rose as a result of the subsequent recipe within the guide additionally requires The Sha’tar status, so you’ll get each of them by farming one status.

You’ll need round 12 Living Ruby, however the recipe will likely be yellow for the final 5 points, so that you might need to make extra. (Notice: in case you are having hassle getting Dwelling Ruby, you can soar to the subsequent half at 65)

Design: Kailee’s Rose is offered by Almaador in Shattrat Metropolis. (The Sha’tar – Honored)

The Sha’tar Status

A full regular Botanica run, pulling all the pieces within the dungeon till the top boss, offers round 2100 Sha’tar Status (You can begin with one Heroic run to realize extra status). One run takes round 4 minutes, and you will want to clear it round 5 occasions to achieve Honored, so you can get to Honored in 20 minutes.

70 – 75

NOTE: You can make the earlier recipe as much as 75 when you have numerous uncommon gems.

You have already got the status for this recipe in case you farmed The Sha’tar rep within the earlier step.

Design: Insightful Earthstorm Diamond is offered by Almaador in Shattrat Metropolis. (The Sha’tar – Pleasant)

Discovering an Alchemist

Earthstorm Diamond is made by Outland Alchemists. Recipe: Transmute Earthstorm Diamond requires Honored status with Cenarion Expedition and Outland Alchemy 50.

Search for an Alchemist in commerce chat or in your guild to make these for you:

I hope you appreciated this Outland Jewelcrafting leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 75!

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