Outland Tailoring Leveling Guide 1 – 75

This Outland Tailoring leveling guide will present you the quickest approach methods to level your Outland Tailoring skill up from 1 to 75 as inexpensively as attainable.

Usually the materials are based mostly on a case that you’ll acquire one skill level for every craft. This won’t happen, so you’ll have to purchase just a few additional materials if you are leveling your Outland Tailoring.

Outland Tailoring Trainer

You can learn Outland Tailoring from the bookcases behind Loremaster Skosiris in Shattrath Metropolis. Click on on the Tailoring bookcase behind him to learn Outland Tailoring.

If you happen to select the Aldor faction throughout one of many Outland quests, then you can’t work together with these books, you must go to Weaver Aoa in Shattrath Metropolis

Gamers leveling in Hellfire Peninsula may also learn it from Dalinna at Thrallmar or from Hama at Honor Maintain.

Bandage Recipes

The recipes used on this guide will not be taught by the tailoring trainers, you must find a completely different coach who will train you the bandage recipes.

Click on on the “Bandage Recipes” bookcase behind Loremaster Skosiris and learn Netherweave Bandage. It’s important to learn it from Mildred Fletcher if you can’t work together with the books. (She’s contained in the constructing on the pin (66.6,13.4), upstairs to the best.)

Gamers leveling in Hellfire Peninsula may also learn it from Aresella at Falcon Watch or from Burko on the Temple of Telhamat.

Leveling Outland Tailoring

Take a look at my Netherweave Cloth farming guide if you wish to farm Netherweave Cloth.

The bandage recipes used within the guide are taught by a unique trainer NOT the Tailoring trainer!!! (you can find the coach places above)

1 – 40

40 – 75

This recipe will probably be inexperienced for the final factors, so that you would possibly must make extra or fewer, it is dependent upon your luck.

I hope you favored this Outland Tailoring leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 75!