Pandaria Alchemy Leveling Guide 1-75

This Pandaria Alchemy leveling guide will present you the quickest approach the best way to level your Pandaria Alchemy skill up from 1 to 75 as inexpensively as doable.

Often the materials are based mostly on a case that you’ll acquire one skill level every craft. This will not occur, so you’ll have to purchase a number of additional materials if you are leveling your Pandaria Alchemy.

Leveling Pandaria Alchemy

Go to Pandaria and discover Poisoncrafter Kil’zit in Dread Wastes on the Klaxxi’vess, then learn Pandaria Alchemy.

Goblin characters have +15 Alchemy skill due to their passive [Better Living Through Chemistry]. An additional 15 Alchemy skill means recipes keep orange for 15 extra points. You can save a variety of gold by doing lower level recipes for 15 extra points.

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1 – 10

Pandaria Alchemy has a considerably totally different leveling course of. The Pandaren trainers will only educate you 2 recipes. These two recipes are used to unlock extra recipes. As a consequence, there isn’t any set development in crafting for skill points.

20 x [Master Healing Potion] – 20 x Green Tea Leaf

The variety of recipes you can uncover is proscribed by your Alchemy skill. Stop making the therapeutic potions after you reached 10 and found 2 new recipes. (You can only uncover 2 new recipes with Pandaria Alchemy 10).

10 – 55

Make the Potion/Flask/Elixir you found beforehand till you uncover extra recipes.

You will preserve discovering new recipes, so attempt to at all times make the most affordable potion.

You ought to at all times prioritize potions that use Green Tea Leaf as a result of it may be present in each zone and most certainly it’s at all times the most affordable herb. Stop making recipes once they flip inexperienced if you can nonetheless make orange/yellow recipes. Only make inexperienced recipes if there may be nothing extra left and you continue to have not found [Master Mana Potion]

How to find out which potions to make:

[Green Tea Leaf] > [Silkweed] > [Rain Poppy] > [Snow Lily] > [Fool’s Cap]

You ought to save round 20 every of those herbs: Green Tea Leaf, Snow Lily, and Fool’s Cap. You will want them to achieve 75.

55 – 75

If you did not discover the [Master Mana Potion] recipe yet, then you’ll have to make the earlier recipes till you uncover it.

If you reached 65, and also you crafted a recipe for like 15 instances however you have not found something new, it means you might be restricted by your Alchemy skill. You must make Flasks/Transmutes to extend your Alchemy skill.

20 x [Master Mana Potion] – 20 x Green Tea Leaf, 20 x Snow Lily, 20 x Fool’s Cap

I hope you favored this Pandaria Alchemy leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 75!