Rubbery Flank Farming Spots

I made this Rubbery Flank farming guide to assist out gamers who need to farm meat as a substitute of buying them from the Auction House. I decided to seek for locations with a excessive density of mobs which I can kill and drop Rubbery Flank. I traveled round Nazjatar, and after some time, I made a list of locations.


Rubbery Flank


Nazjatar – 1

There are every kind of Snapdragons across the marked space, all of them drop Rubbery Flank. A number of them are elites, however they’re fairly simple to kill in case you have respectable gear.

If you have not completed the Snap Back quest, then you must pick it up from Collector Kojo. You’ll get a scroll from the hunt that permits you to kill Elite Snapdragons a lot sooner. So if you happen to do not flip within the quest, you can drastically improve your farming fee.