Solenium Ore Farming Guide

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We made this guide to help you get the most efficient Solenium Ore per hour, be it you need them for Blacksmithing or Jewelcrafting or just selling them raw.

Here you will find the best route to get the most in the least time.


Tips for gathering Solenium Ore

In the Shadowlands expansion, resources no longer have ranks on them, instead the higher your gathering level, the better the yield will be. You can gather any resource with just learning the skill. If you are still leveling up your gathering, we recommend our Shadowlands Mining Guide.

If you are starting with leveling up your mining, the Mining Pick is a must have. Just keep it in your inventory and it will raise 10 points on your mining, helping you in the start and giving you more ore per node. You can find it for sale right next to the mining instructor in Oribos.

Stop getting dismounted!!

The faster you can get from node to node, the more ore are you going to be getting overall and for that being mounted is crucial. With that in mind, Comfortable Rider’s Barding is the solution. It will prevent monster from dazing you while mounting, which will improve your gathering time.

If you are a tank or can switch to a tanking spec, you shouldn’t worry about this, since you are daze-proof to begin with.

Collect herbs whereas mounted

If you are going to be gathering for a long time, consider investing in a Sky Golem. This mount will let you gather resources while still being mounted. A privilege that druids share when they are on their travel form.

Shadowlands Gathering Enchant

In the Shadowlands expansion, the Enchant Gloves – Shadowlands Gathering is more useful than ever, now working for all gathering professions. it will take the standard gathering time of 1.5 second to 0.5, double the speed, double the profit.

Gathering Solenium Ore in Bastion

Solenium Ore shows up only on the Bastion zone. Below there’s a few of the routes we have found to be the most effective time wise.

Bastion is one of the best zones for farming thanks to having a low amount of agresive mobs near the nodes. You can just chill and stroll around.



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