Stormscale Farming Spot

I made this Stormscale farming guide to assist out gamers who need to farm the leathers as a substitute of shopping for them from the Auction House. I made a decision to seek for locations with excessive density of mobs which I can kill and drop [Stormscale]. I traveled round Damaged Isles, and after some time I made an inventory of locations.



Be mindful! In Legion, a number of individuals can tag the identical mob and nonetheless get loot. So, if somebody tagged your mob however he did not loot the corpse, you may’t skin the mob.

If you’re honored with the Highmountain Tribe, you need to get the [Boon of the Butcher] enchant from Ransa Greyfeather at Thunder Totem. It permits you to typically loot [Butchered Meat] which may comprise further Leathers and Meats.


There are such a lot of Coldscale Gazecrawlers at this place that you’ll by no means have to attend for respawns. The one draw back that they solid a nasty stun on you, so be certain to at all times interrupt their stun when your interrupt/stun is off cooldown! Do not pull a couple of if you’re a melee and might’t AoE stun them whereas they’re casting the stun.



There are two good locations at Suramar the place you may farm Stormscale.

  • 1. You’ll primarily farm Meredil Thrashmaw right here, however the respawn charge isn’t quick sufficient to farm right here with out downtime. Subsequently, when you await the respawn, you can also make a small lap in direction of the second stage of the river and kill Lowland Hardshells, then return to the place you began farming. It’s best to attempt to keep away from the Misthollow Hunters on this space, until you additionally need to get Stonehide Leather.Do not skip the small pool once you begin working again to the Meredil Thrashmaws, there are normally 6-7 turtles there.
  • 2. At Sundered Shoals, you’ll primarily discover Coastal Snappers and Leysca Scuttlers. They each drop Stromscale when skinned, so this one can also be a good place for farming. The mobs are a bit unfold aside, so it is more durable to drag a couple of collectively.



You’ll find Juvenile Squallhunters, Rampaging Squallhunter and Adult Squallhunter on the marked space. All three drops Stormscale when skinned. When you kill the mobs too quick, you would possibly need to go on the mountain to seek out extra Grownup Squallhunter.