TBC Classic Tailoring Leveling Guide 1-375 for Burning Crusade Classic

This TBC Classic Tailoring leveling guide will present you the quickest and best solution to get your Tailoring talent up from 1 to 375 in Burning Crusade Classic.

In case you nonetheless have not determined about your second profession, I feel Tailoring goes properly with Enchanting since you do not want a gathering profession to help both of them, and you can even use Enchanting to disenchant the gadgets you made with Tailoring. Take a look at my TBC Classic Enchanting leveling guide if you wish to degree Enchanting.

Guide sections:

Approximate supplies required

That is the record of the approximate supplies required to degree Tailoring as much as 375.

Classic (1-300)

TBC (300-375)

You may not want the 34x Netherweb Spider Silk in case you get fortunate and get dungeon drop recipes, so I’d suggest shopping for them later. (you may learn extra about this on the 360-375 half).

Tailoring trainers

You’ll be able to be taught Tailoring from any of those NPCs under. Simply click on on any of the hyperlinks to see the coach’s actual location. You may as well stroll as much as a guard in any metropolis and ask the place the Tailoring coach is, then it will likely be marked with a purple flag in your map.

Classic Trainers (1-300)

In Burning Crusade Classic, you may be taught Journeyman, Skilled, and Artisan Tailoring from trainers in each main metropolis. You do not have to go to completely different trainers anymore.

Horde trainers:

Alliance trainers:

TBC Tailoring Trainers (300-375)

You’ll be able to be taught the brand new TBC Tailoring talent from the Grasp Tailoring trainers at Outland.

  • Horde: Dalinna in Hellfire Peninsula at Thrallmar.
  • Alliance: Hama in Hellfire Peninsula at Honor Maintain.

Tailoring Leveling

1 – 75

You will have round 59x Coarse Thread for the 1-75 half. You should purchase them from the Tailoring Provides vendor close to your coach. When shopping for from the seller, use SHIFT + MOUSE CLICK, then sort in what number of you need. (the utmost quantity you should purchase without delay is 20 for threads and 10 for dyes)

I do not suggest shopping for all of the dyes and thread without delay as a result of it can replenish your stock and you will not have that a lot bag area to craft gadgets. I will record the wanted Dyes and Thread for every half individually.

  • 1 – 45
    102x Bolt of Linen Cloth – 204 Linen FabricCease making these in case you attain 45 and solely make extra in case you want them.
  • 40 – 67
    35x Linen Belt – 35 Bolt of Linen Fabric, 35 Coarse Thread

Journeyman Tailoring

Go to your coach and be taught Journeyman Tailoring. (Requires degree 10)

You will have round 33x Fine Thread for the 75-125 half. You’ll be able to vendor any remaining Coarse Thread, you will not want them.

75 – 125

  • 100 – 110
    13x Simple Kilt – 52 Bolt of Linen Fabric, 13 Advantageous ThreadYou may need to make a number of extra from this in case you have been actually unfortunate with the talent features.

Skilled Tailoring

Go to your educated and be taught Skilled Tailoring. (Requires degree 20)

You will have 36x Blue Dye, 83x Fine Thread, 10x Bleach, 40x Red Dye for the 125-205 half.

125 – 205

  • 145 – 160
    18x Azure Silk Hood – 36 Bolt of Silk Fabric, 36 Blue Dye, 18 Advantageous ThreadYou may need to make a number of extra in case you did not attain 160.
  • 160 – 170
    10x Silk Headband – 30 Bolt of Silk Fabric, 20 Advantageous Thread
  • 170 – 175
    5x Formal White Shirt – 15 Bolt of Silk Fabric, 10 Bleach, 5 Advantageous Thread
  • 185 – 205
    20x Crimson Silk Vest – 80 Bolt of Silk Fabric, 40 Advantageous Thread, 40 Purple Dye

Artisan Tailoring

Go to your coach and be taught Artisan Tailoring. (Requires degree 35)

You will have 20x Silken Thread, 71x Heavy Silken Thread, 20x Red Dye, 5x Orange Dye and 50x Rune Thread for the 205-300 half.

205 – 300

  • 260 – 280
    25x Runecloth Belt – 75 Bolt of Runecloth, 25 Rune ThreadThe recipe goes yellow at 270, you may need to make a number of extra.
  • 280 – 300
    Make 25 from one among these two:25x Brightcloth Cloak – 100 Bolt of Runecloth, 50 Gold Bar, 25 Rune Thread
    25x Runecloth Gloves – 100 Bolt of Runecloth, 100 Rugged Leather, 25 Rune Thread

    Each recipes will likely be yellow at 290, so that you may need to make a number of extra.

Burning Crusade Classic (300-375)

You’ll be able to be taught the brand new TBC Tailoring talent from the Grasp Tailoring trainers in Hellfire Peninsula. Horde gamers can be taught it from Dalinna at Thrallmar and Alliance gamers can be taught it from Hama at Honor Maintain.

Rune Threads are bought by your coach.

300 – 325

496x Bolt of Netherweave – 2976 Netherweave Fabric

You’ll use all of those later so it is higher to make all of them now without cost talent factors.

You’ll be able to cease making them at 325 and solely make extra if you want them, then you’ll solely want round 450x Netherweave Cloth to succeed in 325.

325 – 340

102x Bolt of Imbued Netherweave – 306 Bolt of Netherweave, 204 Arcane Mud

The Pattern: Bolt of Imbued Netherweave is bought by Eiin in Shattrath Metropolis.

You will have a Mana Loom to craft Bolt of Imbued Netherweave. It is proper subsequent to the NPC who sells the recipe, so you do not have to go wherever.

There are cheaper options just like the Netherweave Bag, however you will have at the least 90 of those to succeed in 375, so it is simply higher to make them now whereas they nonetheless give talent factors. Even in case you do not need to make all of them now it is best to make round 12-13 of them till you attain at the least 335.

Various recipes

This isn’t actually another for this half, however when you’ve got the Arcanoweave Robe or the Arcanoweave Boots recipe, you will not want 102x Bolt of Imbued Netherweave so you may cease making at 335 or 340.

Most high-level recipes are made with Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, so I nonetheless suppose it is value making them till they flip gray as a result of you’ll use them anyway, however it is best to at the least make them till 335.

340 – 345

5x Netherweave Boots – 30 Bolt of Netherweave, 10 Knothide Leather, 5 Rune Thread

This recipe is taught by your coach in Hellfire Peninsula, so it’s a must to return.

You must make greater than 5 in case you did not make the 102x Bolt of Imbued Netherweave within the earlier step.

345 – 360

20x Netherweave Tunic – 160 Bolt of Netherweave, 40 Rune Thread

The recipe is bought by Eiin in Shattrath Metropolis.  It is going to be yellow for the final 5 factors, so that you may need to make a number of extra.

Tailoring Specializations

When you attain degree 60 and Tailoring talent 350, chances are you’ll start a quest to be taught one among three specializations: Mooncloth Tailoring, Shadoweave Tailoring, or Spellfire Tailoring.

For info on how to decide on a specialization, please see my separate guide:

Tailoring Specializations in TBC Classic

360 – 375

17x Imbued Netherweave Tunic – 102 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, 34 Netherweb Spider Silk, 17x Rune Thread

The recipe is bought by Arrond in Shadowmoon Valley. You could have a impartial Scryers popularity to have the ability to discuss to him. Happily, it isn’t BoP, so you may ask another person to purchase it for you if the NPC is hostile to you. (or simply purchase it from the Auction House)

You may as well make Imbued Netherweave Robe, it prices the identical, and it is bought by the identical NPC.

Each recipes will likely be yellow for the final 5 factors, so it is doable it’s a must to make greater than 17 to succeed in 375.

Various recipes

The Arcanoweave Robe or the Arcanoweave Boots is an effective different when you’ve got the recipes.

When you’ve got each recipes, then make the Boots as much as 371 after which change to the Gown for the final 4 factors.

Pattern: Arcanoweave Robe is dropped by the final boss Pathaleon the Calculator inside The Mechanar dungeon.

Pattern: Arcanoweave Boots is dropped by Sunseeker Astromages additionally inside The Mechanar dungeon.

Congratulations on reaching 375! Please send feedback concerning the guide in case you suppose there are elements I might enhance, otherwise you discovered typos, errors, unsuitable materials numbers!

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