Vanilla Cooking Leveling Guide 1-300

This Cooking leveling guide will present you the quickest manner the best way to level your Cooking skill up from 1 to 300 as inexpensively as attainable.

Typically the materials are primarily based on a case that you’ll acquire one skill level every craft. This may not occur, so you’ll have to purchase a number of further materials when you are leveling your Cooking.

Enjoying WoW Classic?

Go to my Classic WoW Cooking leveling guide 1-300 if you’re searching for the Classic WoW guide. Profession abilities are cut up between expansions within the newest World of Warcraft growth, you may have a separate skill bar for every growth, and you can level them individually. This guide is for the “Vanilla” Cooking skill in Shadowlands.


Studying Cooking


Stroll as much as a guard in any of those main cities beneath and ask the place the Cooking coach is positioned.

Horde: Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon Metropolis, Undercity
Alliance: Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, The Exodar

After you ask the guard, the coach will probably be marked with a purple mark in your map.


1 – 130


If it is November, you would possibly need to try my Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking leveling guide. You can level cooking to 300 in about an hour.

If you happen to additionally need to level Fishing, I like to recommend you to take a look at my Fishing & Cooking leveling guide as a substitute of this one. Leveling your Fishing takes a number of hours and it is the very best to level these professions collectively.

  • 1 – 40
    60 x [Spice Bread] – 60 Easy Flour, 60 Gentle SpicesEasy Flour and Gentle Spices are bought by the cooking provide vendor close to your coach.
  • 40-80
    40 x [Smoked Bear Meat] – 40 Bear MeatThe recipe is bought by Andrew Hilbert (Horde) in Silverpine Forest on the Sepulcher, and by Drac Roughcut (Alliance) in Loch Modan at Thelsamar.

    You can additionally make [Spiced Wolf Meat] as much as round 70 if you can discover low cost Stringy Wolf Meat on the Auction House.

  • 80 – 130
    Go to the Twilight Shore in Darkshore and farm Encrusted Tide Crawler and different sea creatures.You can additionally go to Ashenvale and head to the Zoram Strand, the place the ocean is (north-west) and kill every kind of sea creatures there.

    Prepare dinner round 30 Boiled Clams first as a result of the recipe turns inexperienced at 110 after which make Crab Cake as much as 130.

    Alliance gamers also needs to purchase  [Recipe: Cooked Crab Claw] from Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind as a result of a few of the sea creatures will drop [Crawler Claw].


130 – 300


  • 250 – 285
    40 x [Juicy Bear Burger] – 40 Bear FlankThere’s one other actually good recipe for the 275-300 half, however you need to run one Dire Maul East. The recipe is dropped by Pusillin and it is known as [Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise].

    While you enter the occasion, you can discover Pusillin on the entrance, he’s on the left facet, you then simply should go and speak to him then comply with him and speak to him once more as quickly as you catch as much as him. In the long run, the imp will grow to be hostile and you can kill him.

    You can solo this occasion if you’re round level 40, but it surely’s so much simpler for larger ranges. The recipe binds when picked up, this implies it is a bit more durable to get it with a gaggle at a low level, I might not advocate it to get a gaggle of low ranges only for this one recipe, you can level Cooking quicker with the opposite recipes.

    The recipe makes use of [Runn Tum Tuber] as materials, you can discover these in [Warpwood Pods], they’re throughout within the occasion (learn the primary feedback on wowhead). I might get 25 of them in a single run, which is sufficient to level Cooking to 300 with this one recipe.

I hope you favored this Cooking leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 300!

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