Volatile Fire Farming Spot

This guide will checklist the locations the place I discovered essentially the most [Volatile Fire]. One factor I observed whereas farming Volatile Fire is that generally you farm for Quarter-hour and you aren’t getting a single Volatile, that is simply unhealthy luck, do not get discouraged.


Volatile Fire

Twilight Highlands

Fishing in Pool of Fire at Twilight Highlands is one of the best place to farm Volatile Fire.

In case your fishing skill is just one, you possibly can nonetheless fish in Pool of Fire. Every pool accommodates 2-4 catches, every of which will likely be 1 or 2 Volatile Fire. The situation have 4 pool spawning factors, however not more than 2 swimming pools will likely be seen at one time, and none could also be seen if swimming pools have just lately been fished empty. Swimming pools respawn roughly 12-Quarter-hour.

You will discover the Swimming pools round Lord Canon, and this is how the Pool of Fire looks like. They’re typically farmed by different gamers but when you are able to do this alone, you’ll get 100+ Volatile Fire in an hour.

Kill Enslaved Infernos when you watch for the swimming pools to respawn as a result of they’ll additionally drop Volatile Fire. (14% drop charge)


Mount Hyjal

Flame Ascendants in Mount Hyjal have low HP they usually respawn actually quick. There are round 8-9 of those guys on the marked space, you possibly can see the spawn factors on the map under, they spawn fairly shut to one another. The easiest way to farm right here is to kill 1-3, loot them, then mount up and transfer to the following spawn level. Simply transfer in a circle across the spawn factors.

There’s additionally one other Pool of Fire location in Mount Hyjal. It is a good place for decrease ranges to farm Volatile Fire as a result of there are not any mobs at this space.


Mount Hyjal

various is farming Flame Terrors and Brimstone Destroyers in Mount Hyjal, however you possibly can solely see these mobs should you accomplished the beginning quests at Mount Hyjal, after which I feel you additionally want to finish the hunt chain Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion!.


Twilight Highlands

Unbound Emberfiends in Twilight Highlands is one other good place, these are lots tougher to kill than the mobs in Mount Hyjal if you do not have a excessive level character.


Contact me when you have different nice farming spots!