Where To Farm Whiptail WoW Dragonflight

I made this Whiptail farming guide to assist out gamers who wish to farm the herbs as a substitute of shopping for them from the Auction House.






Uldum is nearly the one place the place you may get Whiptail. I say nearly as a result of there are additionally a couple of Whiptail at Tol Barad, however it’s not that efficient to farm there as farming in Uldum. Whiptail will be discovered close to the river in Uldum, there are plenty of crockolisks guarding these herbs so typically you may need to battle them off in the event that they assault you.

IMPORTANT! Excessive level gamers will see the patch 8.3 model of Uldum that has totally different herbs. You’ll be able to speak to Zidormi to modify between the brand new and outdated low-level part of Uldum. (when you open the map, she can be marked with a white textual content bubble at Ramkahen)

Tol Barad


I do not suggest to farm Whiptail at Tol Barad, however in case you have Herbalism it is good to know that you may get Whiptail whereas doing all your day by day quests there.