WoW Archaeology Guide

archaeologyArcheology, the latest profession, added to World of WarCraft, being added on Cataclysm expansion. It’s one of a kind being a sub- profession and besides all the different profession this one won’t really help you improve your character besides a few rare drops.

in this guide, we will help you get to 950 in the lowest amount of time.

Table of contents


Dig Sites

Once you learn the profession, you will be able to see Dig Sites marked with a small shovel in your World Map. They can show up in any part of the world besides the Shadowlands Zones and at the beginning, few areas will also be locked down the points of your profession.

You don’t have to worry about someone getting to your dig site ahead of you since all of them are player exclusive. They won’t disappear if you don’t get them.


You can consider Survey a small mini-game, the lense will always point to the area the fragments are and the color will tell you the distance, if red you are still quite far away so mount up and keep going in the pointed direction. Yellow, you are just a few steps away and with green; you are pretty much on it.


After every dig, you are going to end up with fragments of artifacts. This will vary depending on where are you digging and the points in your profession. Below you can see a list.

  • 1-300: Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor – Fossil, Night Elf, Troll, Dwarf
  • 300 : Outland: Draenei, Orc
  • 375: Northrend: Nerubian, Vrykul
  • 450 : Uldum: Tol’vir
  • 525 : Pandaria: Mogu, Pandaren, Mantid
  • 1-700 : Draenor: Draenor Clans, Ogre, Arakkoa
  • 1-800: Broken Isle: Demonic, Highmountain Tauren, Highborne
  • 1-950 : Zandalar / Kul Tiras: Drust, Zandalari


After your first Dig, you will start doing a research project, you are going to need fragments to finish de project 25 at minimum and 185 at max. After getting all the needed fragments, you are going to be able to solve the project and getting an artifact as a reward. Your profession level and race of the project will affect what you get.

If you get lucky, you can also get some keystones like theses [Troll Tablet], [Highborne Scroll], [Dwarf Rune Stone] they can be used to solve project without needing the full amount of fragments .

Leveling Archaeology

You will get points for every dig site and 5 points per artifact solved, 15 if uncommon. This can be done on any zone up to 600 after that only by digging and solving artifact from Draenor and upward zones. the same will happen every 100 points, needing to move to the next expansion zone.

The faster you move from digsite to digsite the faster will you level up the profession.

Profession Ranks

Archaeologyhas profession ranks and you will need to learn them as you go, be sure to check up with your trainer often.

Archaeology Trainer location

On each capital city you will be able to learn Archaeology up to 700Belloc Brightblade in Orgrimmar or  Harrison Jones Stormwind.

For Legion(800) you can find Dariness the Learned in the new Dalaran on the Broken Isle.

And the last part on BFA(950) Examiner Alerinda in Dazar’alor and by Jane Hudson in Boralus.