Where To Farm Wildercloth

Ohn'ahran Plains
Ohn'ahran Plains is a zone from the dragonflight expansion located on the dragon isles

More About Wildercloth Of World of Warcraft Dragonflight

While native to the Dragon Isles. Wildercloth is an uncommon cloth that can be found stashed away on enemies of the Dragon Isles. It will only drop from humanoid enemies, however. Wildercloth can be gathered and found from enemies in 7 different zones, and it is used for 56 different recipes in Dragonflight content. It can also be used by tailors.

Zones Wildercloth can be found in

The Azure Span

The Waking Shore

Ohn’ahran Plains


The Forbidden Reach

Zaralek Caverns

Emerald Dream

Other farms for cloths

Where To Farm Tattered Wildercloth