Thorium Ore Farm Guide

Un'goro Crater
A zone in world of warcraft both retail and classic


There are several great spots to farm Thorium Ore in World of Warcraft Classic, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Here are a few of the best options:


  • Pros: This is widely considered the best zone for Thorium farming due to the sheer abundance of Rich Thorium veins scattered throughout the area. You can easily find Thorium without even following a specific route.
  • Cons: Winterspring is a high-level zone (60+) with harsh weather conditions, and competition can be fierce. You’ll need to be prepared for PvP encounters and have a mount for efficient travel.


  • Pros: Silithus offers a decent concentration of Thorium veins, particularly around the three hives in the southwestern part of the zone. This area is also relatively less crowded compared to Winterspring.
  • Cons: The caves in Silithus are full of hostile insects, so you’ll need to be careful while mining. Additionally, the overall yield of Thorium may be slightly lower compared to Winterspring.

Un’Goro Crater:

thorium ore
Ore that can be found in vanilla content and also retail
  • Pros: This zone boasts a circular layout, making it easy to farm Thorium by simply riding or running around the outer edges. You’ll encounter a good amount of veins along the way.
  • Cons: Un’Goro Crater is a large zone, and the Thorium veins are not as densely packed as in other zones. You may need to spend more time covering ground to gather a significant amount.

Eastern Plaguelands:

  • Pros: This zone offers a good alternative for lower-level players (55+) who aren’t quite ready for Winterspring. There are several Rich Thorium veins scattered throughout the western and central parts.
  • Cons: The overall yield of Thorium may be lower compared to other zones. Additionally, competition from other players can be high.

Burning Steppes:

  • Pros: This zone is home to several Rich Thorium veins, particularly in the western and southern regions. It’s a good choice if you’re already in the area for other purposes.
  • Cons: The competition for Thorium in Burning Steppes can be intense, especially around the more popular spots. Additionally, the terrain can be challenging to navigate.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider using a mining addon like GatherMate2 or WoW-Pro to help you locate Thorium veins more efficiently.
  • If you’re serious about Thorium farming, investing in a flying mount can significantly boost your efficiency.
  • Remember to check the auction house prices for Thorium to determine the most profitable zones to farm based on the current market conditions.

By considering your level, desired yield, and preferred playstyle, you can choose the most suitable zone for your Thorium farming needs in WoW Classic.