SoD WoW Best Alchemy Recipes

Mages are a class in the game world of warcraft

Seasons of Discovery Overview

In Seasons Of Discovery, the level cap was changed to 25. This is important to know because in regular classic it took level 25 to get expert training from profession trainers. However, that skill requires level 26 in Seasons Of Discovery. So what this means is you won’t be able to fully max out your professions like you would in regular classic. Instead, you can only get 150 skill points to put towards your professions. This is to primarily give other players who may not have much time to play enough time to catch up and not feel rushed.

Phase One Alchemy Recipes

Alchemy is thought to have the most amount of useful recipes at level 25. However, not all potions you craft will be usable at level 25 and may require a higher level to use.

Best Alchemy Recipes

Healing Potion

Lesser Mana Potion

Elixir of poison resistance

Rage Potion

Swiftness Potion

Upon consumption, significantly increase movement speed for a short, burst of time. Its versatility extends into the PvP setting especially in classic as a means of escaping dangerous situations.

Swim Speed Potion

Free action Potion

The Free Action Potion, often referred to as “FAP” by players, is a must have item. It provides 30 seconds of immunity to stuns and movement impairments, making it crucial in PvP combat for maintaining control and in PvE for navigating through tricky crowd control situations.

Elixir of Giant Growth

Elixir of Giant Growth temporarily increases the size of the character, making them appear larger than normal. Beyond its amusing size increase, the elixir also provides a minor boost to the player’s Strength stat.

Minor Magic Resistance Potion

Elixir of water breathing

Elixir of Defense

Elixir of firepower

Elixir of minor Fortitude

When consumed, this potion increases the player’s total health for a set duration of time (1 Hour). This elixir is particularly favored by players in the earlier stages of the game, where every bit of additional health can make a notable difference in survival. As for its interaction with other buffs, the Elixir of Minor Fortitude operates independently of the Priest’s Fortitude spell. While both offer health increases, they stack together, allowing players to benefit from both the elixir and the spell simultaneously.

Elixir of lesser agility

Elixir of Ogre’s strength

Recipe: Elixir of Ogre’s Strength is a bit more interesting than some of the other mentions in this list because it’s obtained from random mob drops, or found within chest throughout the world, the most common mob to drop this recipe is Splinter Fist Fire Weaver & Splinter Fist Firemonger these are part of the ogres that are in Duskwood.

Elixir of Wisdom

Strong trolls blood potion

Holy Protection potion

Shadow Protection potion

Blackmouth oil

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