Icy Veins Rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Mages are a class in the game world of warcraft

Embracing the Cold: A Guide to the Icy Veins Rune in Season of Discovery

In the frozen heart of World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery lies the Icy Veins Rune, a powerful tool for mages seeking to unleash the full potential of their frost magic. This elusive rune grants a temporary burst of spell haste, allowing mages to unleash devastating attacks and control the battlefield with chilling efficiency.

Unlocking the Icy Veins:


  • Tower of Azora: Archmage Theocritus’s Research Journal
  • Thelsamar or Westfall Inn: Rumi of Gnomeregan: The Collected Works
  • Ironforge, Hall of Explorers: Archmage Antonidas: The Unabridged Autobiography


  • Brill, Alchemy Shop: The Apothecary’s Metaphysical Primer
  • Sepulcher: Ataeric: On Arcane Curiosities
  • Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar: The Lessons of Ta’zo


  • The Sludge Fen: Arcanic Systems Manual
  • Grimtotems, Stonetalon Mountains: Fury of the Land
  • Raven Hill Crypt: Crimes Against Anatomy
  • Wailing Caverns Portal: Secrets of the Dreamers
  • Amber Mill: The Dalaran Digest, Vol. 23
  • Ratchet Engineering Trailer: Baxtan: On Destructive Magics
  • Moonbrook: Bewitchments and Glamours
  • Whelgar’s Excavation Site: Goaz Scrolls
  • Loch Modan Ogre Cave: Runes of the Sorcerer-Kings
  • Darkshore Ruins: Nar’thalas Almanac, Vol. 74

Gather all 10 books and unlock the power of Icy Veins!

Harnessing the Blizzard:

Once activated, the Icy Veins Rune imbues the mage with a potent surge of frost energy. This temporary 4% increase in spell haste may seem brief, but its impact is undeniable. Spells cast within this window fly faster, leading to increased damage output, faster application of crowd control effects, and a sense of unstoppable momentum.

This burst of speed empowers mages in various ways. They can unleash frost spells like Ice Lance and Blizzard at blinding speeds, overwhelming enemies with a flurry of icy attacks. Additionally, the increased haste allows for faster application of powerful debuffs like Frostbite and Chilling Touch, further crippling their foes.

More Than Just Haste:

The Icy Veins Rune isn’t limited to pure damage output. Its ability to accelerate spellcasting opens up strategic possibilities. Mages can utilize the rune’s short duration to quickly apply multiple crowd control effects, locking down enemies and giving their allies breathing room. This control-oriented approach makes the Icy Veins Rune a valuable asset in both group encounters and solo play.

Engraving for Chilling Precision:

Season of Discovery further enhances the Icy Veins Rune through the art of Rune Engraving. This allows mages to modify the rune’s effect, tailoring it to their specific needs and playstyle. Two powerful engravings stand out:

  • Extend Icy Veins Duration: This engraving increases the duration of the rune’s effect by 2 seconds, allowing for even more devastating spellcasting and control. This option is ideal for maximizing damage output in short burst windows.
  • Increase Spell Damage During Icy Veins: This engraving enhances the power of spells cast under the influence of the rune, boosting their damage by an additional 10%. This option focuses on maximizing raw damage output, making it ideal for burst-oriented builds.


The Icy Veins Rune is a chilling boon for mages in Season of Discovery. It grants them a fleeting burst of power, allowing them to unleash a devastating blizzard of frost magic and control the battlefield with chilling efficiency. Whether seeking to burst down enemies in a blink of an eye, lock down foes in a frozen prison, or explore the full potential of their icy arsenal, the Icy Veins Rune is a valuable addition to any mage’s arsenal. So, brave the frozen plains of Winterspring, face the Crystal Guardian, and embrace the Icy Veins Rune to unleash the true fury of your glacial heart.