Ancestral Guidance Rune In World of Warcraft Seasons of Discovery

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Unleash the Echo of your Ancestors: Master the Cyclical Power of Ancestral Guidance

Shaman seeking to weave a tapestry of damage and healing, channeling the power of your ancestors in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, must unlock the Ancestral Guidance Rune. Engraved on the Legs slot, this potent rune allows you to transform your fiery attacks into restorative echoes, then repurpose that healing into even more potent Flame Shocks, creating a beautiful cycle of offensive and defensive prowess.

Harnessing the Ancestral Power:

  • Ancestral Guidance empowers you to channel a portion of the damage you deal into healing, mending your allies’ wounds while still maintaining your offensive pressure. This dance of damage and restoration makes you a versatile force, adapting to the flow of battle with grace and power.
  • The echoes of your ancestral might then surge back to you, empowering your Flame Shocks with additional damage based on the healing you channeled. This potent cycle allows you to weave a symphony of destruction and restoration, always staying one step ahead of the enemy.
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Discovering the Echo of the Ancestors:

  • Your journey to mastering Ancestral Guidance begins with the Echo of the Ancestors, an ancient artifact imbued with the whispers of your lineage.
  • Durotar: Venture near a lone tree in the Kolkar Crag, a canyon echoing with the battle cries of centaurs south of the Valley of Trials. Here, at coordinates /way 48.0 79.6, you may find the restless spirits of fallen adventurers.
  • Mulgore: Journey through the treacherous depths of the Venture Co. Mine, emerging at an overlook nestled amongst the rolling plains. At coordinates /way 60.4 33.6, you may encounter the spirits of past heroes, their echoes waiting to be heard.

Unlocking the Cyclical Power:

  • Once you find the Echo of the Ancestors, remember that you are not alone in this endeavor. Seek out another healer of any class, for together you must perform a sacred ritual. This partnership symbolizes the collaborative essence of Ancestral Guidance, reminding you that true power lies in unity.
  • The ritual will summon a formidable foe, a test of your combined might. Strike down this adversary with your partner, and as it falls, claim your reward – the coveted Ancestral Guidance Rune.
  • Equip the rune and feel the ancestral power flow through you, weaving its cyclical magic into your very being. Unleash your Flame Shocks, empowered by the echoes of healing you’ve channeled, and witness the battlefield dance to your command.