Earth Shield Rune In World of Warcraft Seasons of Discovery

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Embrace the Earth’s Resilience: Mastering the Shaman’s Protective Shield

Shaman seeking to fortify themselves against adversity in WoW Classic Season of Discovery must unlock the Earth Shield Rune. Engraved on the Legs slot, this powerful rune grants you a protective earthen shield, turning incoming attacks into opportunities for healing and bolstering your resilience in the face of danger.

Harnessing the Earth’s Power:

  • Earth Shield offers a potent blend of offense and defense, transforming attacks into healing pulses and mitigating disruptions to your casting and channeling.
  • Learn how to optimize the Engrave Pants – Earth Shield enchantment in our comprehensive Shaman Build Guides to maximize its effectiveness in your chosen specialization.

Discovering the Rune of Earth Shield:

  • Unlocking the Earth Shield requires you to embark on a journey of elemental mastery. Culminating in a test of your mettle against powerful foes.
  • Conquer Blackfathom Deeps: Begin your quest by vanquishing Baron Aquanis, the first boss of the newly released Blackfathom Deeps Raid. He will drop a crucial orb, a key to unlocking the next step.
  • Embrace the Elemental Distress: Seek out Zoram Strand in Ashenvale and receive the “Elemental Distress” quest, specifically designed for Shamans. Prepare to face and conquer elementals in Ashenvale and Charred Vale, gathering precious quest motes as your reward.
  • Forge the Elixir of Insight: Acquire the necessary ingredients. Including the Elixir of Wisdom and Elixir of Water Breathing, to concoct the potent Elixir of Insight. This elixir will prove invaluable in your upcoming encounter.
  • Defeat Hirzek, the Earth Destroyer: Journey to Southern Barrens and face Hirzek. A formidable foe who embodies the destructive power of the earth. Only by overcoming him can you claim the coveted Rune of Earth Shield.