Endless Rage Rune In World of Warcraft Seasons of Discovery

Fuel the Fires of Fury: Master Endless Rage and Become a Maelstrom of Combat

Warriors seeking to unleash an endless storm of blows and dominate the battlefield through sheer, insatiable rage must unlock the Endless Rage Rune. Engraved on the Gloves slot, this potent enchantment fuels your inner fire, transforming every strike into a furnace that generates even more rage for your next attack. With Endless Rage, you become a whirlwind of unstoppable fury, a warrior who feeds on chaos and emerges from every brawl even more powerful than before.

Embrace the Ever-Burning Furnace of Fury:

  • Endless Rage rewards your aggression. Each blow you land, each foe you cleave, generates a surge of rage that fuels your next assault. Watch your fury overflow, your attacks quicken, and your enemies crumble before the relentless, escalating storm of your wrath.
  • This potent rage-generation tool makes you a terror in extended brawls, capable of churning through enemy ranks with ever-increasing momentum. Witness your fury snowball into an unstoppable force, your attacks morphing into a blur of steel and fire, and your enemies consumed by the inferno of your insatiable rage.
  • Learn how to maximize the impact of the Rune of Endless Rage in our comprehensive Warrior DPS Build Guides to become a master of sustained combat and a warrior who thrives in the heart of the fray.

Earning the Boon of Unquenchable Fury:

  • Your journey to mastering Endless Rage takes you on a path of relentless combat and strategic resourcefulness. Be warned, these secrets lie in the hands of formidable foes, demanding both skill and tactical thinking to overcome.
  • All Factions: Seek out adversaries who embody the spirit of unyielding aggression. Alliance champions in Westfall can face the legendary swamp monster Old Murk-Eye, whose ancient rage whispers the secrets of the rune. Loch Modan offers a test of leadership and cunning. Conquer the elite ogres of Mo’grosh Stronghold to claim the Battle Totem, then use it to challenge the legendary warrior Haren Swifthoof and prove your own martial prowess. In Darkshore, the enigmatic Lady Sedorax holds the rune, waiting for a worthy opponent to unlock its power.
  • Horde heroes must prove their strategic mettle in The Barrens. Claim the Horde Warbanner in Crossroads and infiltrate Northwatch Hold, replacing the Alliance banner on the hill with a daring display of defiance. This act summons Lieutenant Stonebrew, a formidable adversary eager to test your combat skills. Finally, venture into the depths of Silverpine Forest’s Skittering Dark Cave, where the whispers of lost souls lead you to the Lost Adventurer, a mysterious being guarding the rune’s secrets.

Unleashing the Infinite Maelstrom of Fury:

  • With the Rune of Endless Rage etched upon your gloves, feel the primal furnace of fury rage within you. Charge into battle, unleash your fury, and watch as your blows ignite a chain reaction of rage that consumes your enemies and fuels your own unstoppable momentum. No defense can withstand your escalating force, no foe can escape the maelstrom of your wrath.
  • Endless Rage is not just about raw power – it’s about embracing the warrior spirit and turning combat into a dance of escalating dominance. Learn to read the flow of battle, adapt your attacks, and revel in the ever-growing wave of your fury. Become a storm of steel and fire, an embodiment of unrelenting aggression, and leave your enemies cowering before the unending tempest of your Endless Rage.