Where To Farm Discolored Worg Hearts In WoW

A ferocious Grimtotem worg snarls defiantly amidst the snow-capped peaks of Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft, its icy breath misting in the frigid air.
"Beware the bite of the north! This Grimtotem worg guards Alterac Valley with razor-sharp fangs and icy resolve."

Discolored Worg Hearts are a valuable item in Classic WoW, used for the Alchemy recipe for [Strength of the Worg]. They drop from several Worg enemies in Silverpine Forest:

A close-up view of a battle-scarred Grimtotem worg's face, its fangs bared and eyes blazing with primal fury, captured in the heat of battle in WoW's Alterac Valley.
“Caught in the chaos of Alterac Valley, a Grimtotem worg bares its teeth, a primal warrior in a frozen battlefield.”

Main Target:

  • Gorefang: This rare elite Worg in the southeastern corner of Silverpine Forest (near Darkwhisper Gorge) has a 100% chance to drop a Discolored Worg Heart, making him the most reliable source. However, be prepared for a challenge, as he’s level 13 and quite powerful.

Other Sources:

  • Mottled Worgs: These level 11-12 Worgs can be found throughout Silverpine Forest, particularly in the central and western regions. They have a lower drop chance than Gorefang but are more numerous and easier to deal with.
  • Worgs: Standard level 10-11 Worgs are also scattered throughout Silverpine Forest and have a small chance to drop the Heart. While not as efficient as the other options, they can be an alternative if you’re facing competition for Mottled Worgs or Gorefang.

Additional Tips:

  • Herbalism: While not directly related to Discolored Worg Hearts, consider combining your Worg hunt with herb gathering in Silverpine Forest. Mageroyal and Briarthorn grow abundantly in the zone, and you might get lucky with some bonus Swiftthistle drops.
  • Competition: Silverpine Forest can be a popular farming spot for Discolored Worg Hearts, so be prepared for competition from other players. Consider farming during off-peak hours or exploring less crowded areas.
  • Grouping: If you’re not confident soloing Gorefang, consider grouping up with other players to take him down. He’s significantly tougher than the other Worg mobs, and teamwork can make the fight much easier.

I hope this information helps you farm those Discolored Worg Hearts efficiently! Remember, patience and persistence are key when hunting for valuable items in Classic WoW. Happy hunting!

Discolored Worg Hearts are definitely a real thing in Classic WoW. Here’s what I found out about them:

What are Discolored Worg Hearts?

  • They are crafting reagents, meaning they are items used to create other objects like potions, scrolls, or equipment.
  • They are dropped by several types of worgs in Silverpine Forest, a zone for level 10-15 players. These worgs include:
    • Bloodsnout Worgs
    • Gorefang
    • Mottled Worgs
    • Worg

What can you do with Discolored Worg Hearts?

  • They are primarily used to learn the ability [Herbalism Specialization: Felweed] at level 10. This specialization allows you to harvest Felweed, a rare herb found in certain zones like Blasted Lands and Un’Goro Crater.
  • They can also be sold to vendors for a small amount of gold.

Where to find Discolored Worg Hearts:

  • Head to Silverpine Forest, specifically the areas around Hillsbrad Foothills and Sentinel Hill. Look for the aforementioned worg types and hunt them down.
  • Remember, they are a relatively rare drop, so it might take some patience and a bit of grinding.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider grouping up with other players to make the worg hunting more efficient.
  • If you’re not interested in Herbalism Specialization or Felweed, you can always sell the Discolored Worg Hearts to vendors for some extra gold.
  • Keep an eye on the Auction House, as other players looking for Felweed might be willing to buy Discolored Worg Hearts for a good price.

I hope this information is helpful! If you have any other questions about Discolored Worg Hearts or Classic WoW in general, don’t hesitate to ask.

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