Sod Wow Tailoring Guide: Level Up Fast from 1 to 150 with Quick and Effective Strategies

A zone within azeroth of world of warcraft

Materials Required

~ 200 Linen Cloth
~ 140 Wool Cloth
~ 120 Silk Cloth

Please keep in mind these materials may vary depending on if you get skill levels or not for each craft. You may use more or you may use fewer materials required to level up Tailoring

Redridge Mountains
A zone within vanilla wow (Azeroth)

 Tailoring 1-75

you will need about 200 Linen Cloth

Craft 100 Bolt of Linen Cloth  – 200 Linen Cloth
Craft all your linen cloth into Bolts of Linen

Craft 40 Linen Belt – 40 Bolts of linen Cloth, 40 Coarse Thread

Craft Reinforced Linen Cape  – 10 Bolts of Linen Cloth, 15 Coarse Thread

Please note after reaching tailoring skill level 75, you will still have some bolts of linen cloth left over. Feel free to use your leftover linen to reduce the amount of wool cloth you need to farm or buy from the Auction House. However, wait to use your left over Linen until after you have crafted all of your bolts of wool cloth

Here are some places to farm linen cloth as well: Linen Cloth Farms

Tailoring 75-150

If you have gotten further in skill level using leftover linen cloth this process may be a little different, however, you can pick up on the guide where your skill level left off.

You will need about 140 Wool Cloth and 120 Silk Cloth

Craft 45 Bolt of Woolen Cloth – 138 Wool Cloth

Craft 13 Simple Kilt – 52 Bolts of Linen Cloth, 13 Fine Thread

Craft 15 Double-stitched Woolen Shoulderss – 45 Bolts of Wool Cloth, 30 Fine Thread

Craft 30 Bolt of Silk Cloth– 120 Silk Cloth

Craft 5 Azure Silk Hood– 10 Silk Cloth, 10 Blue Dye, 18 Fine Thread

Here are some places to farm Wool Cloth  And Silk Cloth