Mageweave shuffle Complete guide from What you need to making the gold

You may be wondering “What should I do with all this unwanted mageweave? It just isn’t selling on the Auction House or it isn’t selling for as much as it is worth (money/time).” Not to worry here. All you need is a simple “Mageweave shuffle setup. The first thing is first, what you need to get this shuffle started!   

In this guide, I will explain the whole process. From how to level professions and where to get materials. 

You will need the following things to be able to do this shuffle

  1. White Bandit’s mask recipe
  2. Mageweave
  3. Level 70 (80 to maximize yields)

Profession level requirements

  1. Enchanting 125 
  2. Tailoring 215

How to Get the white bandits mask 

You can either 

  1. Farm it 
  2. Buy it off the auction house

I currently do not have anywhere specific that yields this recipe, however, It does drop from some enemies within Zul’Farrak.

If you purchase this recipe please note that this is intended to make you more gold than you spend on the given recipe. This doesn’t guarantee to make you will make you money back but the chances are pretty high. I would buy this recipe in a price range of around 1-1.5k. Anything more and buy at your discretion. 

Where to farm mageweave

Mageweave has a variety of different farming locations. If you don’t like any of the below or know a better one feel free to shoot me a message if you want to share. My place of choice for this material is Zul’Farrak. Zul’Farrak has many different reasons you should farm it. But let’s stick to the White Bandit’s Mask and Mageweave for now.

After you are done farming for mageweave in Zul’Farrak (Or other farms) you will want to begin working on leveling up the two professions mentioned above.

Tailoring leveling guide (215)

Bolt of Linen Cloth x-  Craft to skill level 50
Heavy Linen Gloves x- Craft to skill level 75 (Keep greens for disenchanting later)
Bolt of wool cloth x- Craft to skill level 100
Double Stitched Wool Shoulders x- Alternative to SImple kilt. – Craft to skill level 150
Simple Kilt x- Craft to skill level  125 (keep greens)
Bolt of Silk Cloth x- Craft to skill level 150
Azure Silk Hood x- Craft to skill level 160 (keep greens)
Silk Headband x- Craft to skill level 175 (Keep Greens)
Bolt of Mageweave x- Craft to skill level 185
Azure Silk Cloak x- Craft to skill level 205 (Keep Greens)
Black Mageweave vest/leggings x- Craft to skill level 215 (keep greens)

Now that you have reached the skill level 215 of tailoring. You can now learn the white bandit’s mask recipe.

Enchanting Leveling Guide (125)

Make sure you disenchant all the greens as you make the=m and also be sure to keep the dust you get from the disenchanting. Now that you have the greens disenchanted and the dust you need you can begin to level up enchanting.

Disenchant greens until skill level 60
Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina x- Craft until skill level 100
Enchant 2H Weapon – Minor Impact x- Craft until skill level 125

Don’t forget if you don’t have all the materials check the AH to see what they have!

Now that you have all that leveled up and everything you need for the shuffle. Begin crafting the white bandits mask and proceed to disenchant them for the vision dust. After you get done with the shuffle post your vision dust and other enchanting materials on the auction house and begin to make gold.


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