Primal Fire Guide In Shadowmoon Valley

This route is located in Shadowmoon Valley. The respawn rate is a little slow, so if you are an herbalist or miner, go ahead and pick up materials as you go. If by chance you are neither you may need to use an addon to help switch servers, or find another way to pass a little extra time.

In an hour, I was able to got:
33 Nightmare Vine (10-17g/)
3 Mote of life (5g/)
19 Felweed (2g/)
26 Adamantite Ore (4.50g/)
60 Fel Iron (22g/)
30 Mote of earth (1g/)
147 Mote of Fire (30g/)
42 Mote of Air (40g/)
1 Essence of air (50g/)…
I forgot how well I actually liked this area until seeing the results once again :O
Total Gold (10 minutes)
1165 Gold
Total Gold (1 Hour)
6990 Gold