How To Track Fish Schools On Your Mini Map

I’m sure many of you wonder from time to time, if there is an easier way to fish? Well it may not be much faster, but there is a way you can mark schools of fish on your mini map; like herbs and ores. To get this spell; you learn it from a weather-beaten journal, often contained in one of several create, chests or bags.
  • Waterlight Trunk – 7%
  • Ironbound Trunk – 5%
  • Mithril Bound Trunk – 4%
  • Heavy Supply Crate – 2%
  • Curious Crate – 1.9%
  • Bag of Shiny Things – 1.1%
  • Bag of Fishing Treasure – .8%
  • Pack of Fishing Supplies – .8%
  • Tightly Sealed Trunk – .8%
So you could go out, look around and find everything you can on where and what to farm. Often I come across guides that don’t make much sense. In Wetland, it’s just full of rivers and ponds. By far, Wetlands is the best place to fish up any kind of Shipwreck, which will often contain crates.
For this farm, we will be looking for Schooner  Wreckage (Yes I’m using my find fish spell) to fish up Waterlight Trunks. Most of the time each wreckage will only have one crate, but sometime you may get lucky and get a few.
There are one of two ways this can be done. You can either search and fish up every wreckage and school, then head back to where you started or only fish up the wreckage’s, then switch servers. Personally either will work. I’ve never had to fish for anymore than a half hour to get the weather-beaten journal, but some of you may be unlucky.
The weather-beaten journal also includes:
1-3 Bolt of Woolen Cloth
2-4 Medium Leather
1-2 Bolt of Silk Cloth
1-2 Heavy Leather
These are the noteworthy items, there could be some greens as well, along with health potions. To maximize your profit, you could use my Wool Cloth Shuffle Though I don’t see anyone making anymore than a few hundred gold here.