How the books I wrote impacted me.

List three books that have had an impact on you. Why?

The 3 best books that have made an impact on my life would be ones I have written myself. I’m not a big reader so it would only make sense that my books inspired me and moved me in ways that have been impactful for me.

These books are:

Gratitude the gracious toad – it is about being grateful for life and things you have.

Eye of courage – you have obstacles that you go through but if you keep pushing good things come out of it.

The mountain of sand – helps get over depression and sadness.

As you can tell they are inspirational. However not just inspirational but also short stories. They are targeted towards kids but are really meant for anyone. Most of my audience so far have been adults anyways.

For those who are interested in checking them out here is my author page Justin O’Neal.