My favorite book from my childhood was…

Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

As much as I love to write. This may come to a surprise for most who read this. My favorite book actually wasn’t a book. I spent most of my time on the internet researching. Mostly scientific stuff usually if it caught my interest though.

That being said I never really had a favorite book nor have an ever actually finished reading a book. I’m just to anxious of a person to read or set still for that matter. Some of my favorite readings or at least one the really stuck out to me was the power of hope experiment. Have you heard about it?

There were scientists who did studies on rats. By doing so they placed them in water to see how long they could swim before they drowned. They swam for maybe 30 minutes if I remember right. Then they drown. Well. Because this was an experiment based on hope.

They put rats in water again. Only this time. When 30 minutes came about and the rats were about to drown. The scientists picked the rats up and took them out of the water before placing them back into the water. This time the rats swam for 60 hours or something wild like that.

This kind of interpretation of what hope is really stuck by my side. And I thought to myself. I want to be the reason why someone pushes and goes the extra mile to continue to live! So I write insertions books now. Justin O’Neal’s author page