WoW Stygia Farming Location

This WoW Stygia Farming Guide will teach you how to get 250 stygia on each level 60 character you have. The item we’re going to be farming is BoA, meaning it can be mailed to your other characters.

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Table of Contents
1. What is Stygia
2. Item We’re Farming
3. Farming SpotĀ 

What is Stygia?

Stygia is a currency based token, obtained from various activities in Shadowlands. Stygia is used as a currency for loads of cosmetic items, and mounts as well as various gadgets specific to The Shadowlands, and may be obsolete in value in the future.

These items can be purchased from a vendor called Ve’nari, and another vendor located in Korthia called Duchess Mynx.

How can I get 250 Stygia?

There’s an item called Helsworn Chest which is a part of the Treasures of Korthia achievement. You’re able to open this chest once per character. This specific chest, drops an incredible bind on account item called Stygic Cluster.

Now I wish that I could tell you everything was going to be peachy, but as it turns out it’s a little brutal for first timers.

Stygic Cluster Farming Spot

The Helsworn Chest spawns right where we’ve marked on the screenshot above. Upon opening this chest, you’ll be awarded with the Stygic Cluster. During the time of writing, this chest is able to be opened once per character.

Please be careful when visiting this location on low item level characters, there’s elite mobs guarding this chest called Helsworn Inquisitor, they have roughly 120,000 HP.