WotLK Classic Mining Leveling Guide How To Get 1-450

Mining Trainers

WoW Classic

Horde trainers:

Alliance trainers:

TBC Classic

You can the TBC Mining skill in Hellfire Peninsula from Hurnak Grimmord (Alliance) at Honor Hold or Krugosh (Horde) at Thrallmar.

WotLK Classic

You can learn the new WotLK Classic Minning skill from these NPCS:

Both factions can learn it from Jedidiah Handers at Dalaran.



Smelting to 340

You can skip from 1-340 simply by smelting all the ores into bars. However, It will require a good amount of gold or helpful friends to get the number of ores you need to skip the first 340 skill points. If you need the ore, however, for jewel crafting or just want to mine away. Going out and mining will work too.

Most smelting recipes are yellow or green, so I cannot list the exact number of ores that you will need. These are all approximate numbers below. It’s possible you will need even more ores if you are unlucky with the skill gains.



1-65 110-130x Smelt Copper until you reach 65.
65-75 70x Smelt Tin. This one will be grey after 75, but you will need these later.
75-105 70x Smelt Bronze. You might not reach 105, your skill will be somewhere between 100 and 110.
105-125 25-35x Smelt Silver until you reach 125.
125-155 50-65x Smelt Iron until you reach 155
155-175 20-25x Smelt Gold until you reach 175.
175-200 40x Smelt Mithril until you reach 200, then visit your trainer and learn Artisan Mining.
200-230 170-240x Smelt Mithril until you reach 230.
230-250 20x Smelt Truesilver until you reach 250.
250-290 140-190x Smelt Thorium until you reach 290.
290-300 You will have to mine ores for these 10 skill points because there is nothing you can smelt, so scroll down to the Thorium Ore section, then visit the TBC Trainers at Outland.
300-325 200x Smelt Fel Iron until you reach 325. This smelting recipe requires two ores instead of one, so you will need around 400x Fel Iron Ore.
325-340 90x Smelt Adamantite until 340. You will need around 180x Adamantite Ore.

Mining Leveling Routes

You must have a mining pick in your inventory before you can go out and mine. So don’t forget to buy one before you leave the trainer as you can buy one from the supplies vendor near the mining trainers.

Make sure that you turn on the Find Minerals filter on your minimap!

1 – 65

Every starter zone is filled with Copper Ore. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose.

Night Elf players must wait until they get to Darkshore before they can start leveling mining because Teldrassil doesn’t have any Copper Ore.

After you pass Razor Hill, go inside the cave marked on the map before you jump down!

65 – 125

Visit your trainer and learn Journeyman Mining. (You need to level up Mining to at least 50)

Ores in these zones: Tin OreCopper OreSilver Ore

Low-level players should skip the two caves marked with red circles.

Sometimes you get bad respawns, and all three nodes in the Yeti cave will be Mithril or Iron. You can’t mine them yet because they require higher mining skill, and if there is no one else farming in the zone, they can’t respawn as Tin without someone mining them, so if this happens, just skip the cave.

125 – 175

Visit your trainer and learn Expert Mining. (Requires level 10)

Ores in these zones: Iron OreTin OreGold Ore

There are 4 caves marked with red circles on the map. Make sure to go all the way to the end of each cave because you won’t see all the mining veins from the entrance.

Low level players should skip all 4 caves, and low level Alliance players should take a detour and go south of Hammerfall!

175 – 245

Don’t forget to visit your Mining trainer and learn Artisan Mining between 200 and 225! (Artisan Mining Requires level 25 and Mining skill 200)

Ores in these zones: Mithril OreTruesilver Ore

Low-level players should skip the red route because the area is filled with level 62 elites. Lower-level players might also want to consider skipping the cave marked with a red circle on the map. (depends on your gear/class)

245 – 275

Ores in these zones: Mithril OreTruesilver OreThorium Ore

There are 2-3 mineral veins in the two caves marked with the red circles on the map.

Lower level players should probably skip the cave to the south. It really depends on your level/gear/class.

275 – 300

Ores in these zones: Thorium OreMithril Ore

Now you can mine Rich Thorium Veins too.

Almost the same as the previous Un’Goro route, but now it includes Rich Thorium Veins.

Burning Crusade Classic (300-350)

You can learn the TBC Mining skill in Hellfire Peninsula from Hurnak Grimmord (Alliance) at Honor Hold or Krugosh (Horde) at Thrallmar. (Requires level 40)

300 – 325

I recommend Route 1 and Route 2 for level 70 players with flying mount. There is not much difference between the two routes, I got roughly the same number of Fel Iron on both routes.

If you don’t have a flying mount and are still leveling your character, then use Route 3.

325 – 350

There will be a few Rich Adamantite nodes in Terokkar Forest that you can’t mine until you reach 350. But, they can only spawn in the areas accessible by flying mount, so this is not an issue for lower level players. (Skettis and the area above Shattrat City)

There are two caves marked with red circles on the map. You should go inside both of them and make sure that you go all the way to the end because sometimes you won’t see the Mining nodes from the entrance.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

You can learn the new WotLK Classic Mining skill from these trainers below. (Requires level 55)

Both factions can learn it from Jedidiah Handers at Dalaran.



350 – 400

Both Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord are great zones for leveling to 400. But, I recommend using the “no flying” routes if you are still leveling and don’t have a flying mount yet. Lower level players also might want to skip some of the caves in Borean Tundra (depends on your level and gear).

400 – 450

I think Sholazar Basin is the better zone for leveling to 450, and the route is much easier to follow. But, you can use Storm Peaks as an alternative if you have a lot of competition in Sholazar Basin.