Where To Farm Rousing Order

Where to farm rousing order

Rousing order is a very important material in World of Warcraft it is used in many late-game recipes and better gear craftables in Dragonflight. While you can buy this material off the Auction House. It is advisable to farm it instead. Rousing Order is going for around 30 gold per unit and is primarily used to craft the Awakened Order.

It will take 10 Rousing Order to make one of these Awakened orders. The Awakened Order is what you will primarily use in these end-game recipes. As we come near to the next patch of World of Warcraft, we should see some new recipes that use the Awakened Order (10 Rousing Order). Until then let’s study up on where to farm Rousing Order.

How to get Rousing Order

If you are new to the game or don’t pay attention to professions much, you may not know where the Rousing Order is obtained from. Rousing Order can only be obtained through your 3 gathering professions, and sometimes inscription if you mill the Prismatic Leaper. It is not recommended to mill the Prismatic Leaper as it doesn’t yield a lot of Rousing Order. Very few are obtained using this method if any at all.


To get Rousing Order from Skinning requires a bit of work so if you have mining or herbalism as well then it would be preferred to use one of those professions if not both to pick up the Rousing Order. However, if you already have the requirements needed in order to get Rousing Order from Skinning, then it wouldn’t hurt to use Skinning. The requirements needed for Skinning are through the new Profession systems talent tree.

Under the Bait Crafter tab (last tab on the top right of the talent tree.). You must have 10 points into Bait Crafter. Once you have 10 points in Bait Crafter, you will need 40 points in Elemental Infusion. If you already have this then you are okay to start collecting Rousing Order off Elusive enemies.


In order to get Rousing Order From mining, it is much simpler than Skinning. Look for any mining node that says Titan Touched. This means it has been touched by the “order” Elemental. Which yields Rousing Order when picked up.  You can typically get 3-6 Rousing Order off these nodes, however, sometimes it could be more or less. If you have selected Mastering the Elements talent tree you will get the overload ability.(note you don’t need any points in it to get the ability) This allows the user to get more Rousing Elements From and Elemental touched node.


Much like mining. You will want to look for Titan Touched herb nodes. This means the herb has been touched by the “Order” Element and can yield Rousing Order when picked up. Again like mining, you can overload these Titan Touched nodes with the correct talent tree set up for herbalism

Where To Get Rousing Order

After learning how to get Rousing Order, you may be wondering where you get it now. Well that is pretty simple, the most common place to find these “Titan Touched” nodes would be in  Thraldraszus, it is thought to be the best place for these types of nodes because it was the End-game zone before the last patch came out. So if you can get your hands on any routes for mining herbalism or both in Thraldraszus you should be pretty well set. All though, any of these three types of routes in Dragonflight zones will work.

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