Where To Farm Rousing Frost

Rousing Order is used in various amounts of crafting recipes, much like Rousing Order.

The Importance of Rousing Frost

If you are looking to join World of Warcraft during Dragonflight then you need to know how important rousing elements are to the game. Which is what Artisans of Azeroth is here for! It is here to show you where to farm materials instead of buying them from the Auction House. Fortunately, Rousing Frost seems to be a little on the cheap side. It isn’t as cheap as it could be. Meaning if you were to buy it from the Auction House, then you could be spending more than planned.

Methods Of Getting Rousing Frost


To gather Rousing Frost, you don’t need to worry too much about your herbalism talent tree. However, you will need to have Dragonflight Herbalism if you want to collect the Rousing Frost. Once you have Dragonflight Herbalism, begin to look for  “frozen” herbs on the ground. This will be where you get the Rousing Frost from.



Mining Rousing Frost can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. There aren’t any “frozen” mining nodes to be picked up. Instead, you will want to look for “Primal” nodes. These won’t guarantee the Rousing Frost when picked up. However, they will yield some kind of rousing element when picking up a Primal node.


When skinning for the Rousing Frost, you will need to have 10 points in Bait Crafter, then have just selected the elemental infusion. Once you get to that part of the skinning talent tree. You can then start skinning elusive mobs for the Rousing Frost.


You can’t just fish anywhere to obtain the rousing frost. You can head over to the primalist future. This zone allows you to pick up rousing frost while fishing in it’s waters.


Last but not least. There is a list full of mobs you can kill in order to get the rousing frost. There are a total of 113 mobs that can drop this material so it will be hard to list them. However, we will share routes with you so you can go to these routes and pick from each profession or method of picking rousing frost up.