Best Place To Farm Writhebark In World of Warcraft

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I farmed Writebark for 1 hour in every location that the material spawns, those locations are Thaldraszus, Zaralek Cavern, The Azure Span, Ohn’ahran Plains, The Waking Shore, Emerald Dream & Forbidden Reach. This graph breaks down exactly how much Writhebark I recieved in each location, showing you the best farm for writhebark.

best farming spot for writhebark
A graph that shows the best farming spots for writhebark

The Best Location To Farm Writhebark

Expanding this will show you the farm I used to get 132 Writhebark in Emerald Dream, if you’re looking to try out the other farms because you’re looking for better materials, I’ve included a drop down at the bottom of this article that has all of the locations I farmed for 1 hour.


How much gold can you make from farming Writhebark?

At the time of writing this article, and collecting the data for Writhebark the price of the materials in each region goes as followed, US Region with the best location shown in the graph would produce 1980 Gold per hour. The EU Region is a little worse with 528 Gold per hour. However when farming writhebark you get many other materials that could turn this farm into a 10,000 gold per hour location.

How long does it take to farm enough Writhebark to make a significant amount of gold?

Following the data given from the graph above, and the amount of gold we’re able to make per hour only farming Writhebark (1980 Gold US / 528 Gold EU) you’re able to conclude that if a WoW Token is 243,071 Gold (Current Price US Region) you’d need to farm for roughly (122 hours) just farming Writhebark to buy a WoW token in the US, and if a WoW Token is 321,848 Gold (Current Price EU Region) you’d need to farm for roughly (609 hours) just farming Writhebark to buy a WoW token in the EU.

Now remember I did mention that you get other materials that can boost the amount of gold made per hour at these farms by a significant amount, reducing the amount of hours required to 10-20 hours per wow token, per region if you farm all the given materials in that region.

Other materials you get when farming Writhebark

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