Where To Farm Zaralek Glowspore

a new zone added in 10.1
Zaralek caverns can be home for zaralek glowspores

More About Zaralek Glowspore

Although Zaralek Glowspores weren’t introduced until later in the Dragonflight expansion pack of World of Warcraft’s 9th expansion. Zaralek Glowspores can be commonly found in one zone, though, is only used in 13 different recipes. However, it does appear that most of the recipes that use the Zaralek Glowspores require a good amount of Glowspores. This means you could be spending a pretty penny on them. Unless you know where to farm for the Zaralek Glowspore… Glowspores can be gathered from metamorphic ore and lambent herbs.


Zaralek Caverns

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