What Is WoW Classic Seasons of Discovery?

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A zone within vanilla wow (Azeroth)

World of Warcraft

Many people already know of the game World of Warcraft. The game is also known as WoW for short. World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massive multiplier online role-playing game (MMORPG) where players can delve into the midst of Azeroth, leveling up a character, gathering materials, slaying enemies, and much more. WoW has been a great game more many years, and hopefully a great game for many more years to come. Yeah Blizzard, the development team, had a few moments where things weren’t so great or planned out the best on their part. However, they managed to pull through with Dragonflight and Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Blizzard had seen the opportunity to bring even more fans into the game with their newest World of Warcraft game, Hardcore classic. Hardcore Classic is a big hit so far and everyone thought Blizzard would stop at Hardcore classic. At least with their classic series. However, it seems as if they had something up their sleeves for some time now. And that would be World of Warcraft Classic, Seasons Of Discovery.

World of Warcraft Classic Seasons of Discovery

First off let’s talk about what Seasons of Discovery even is. Is it part of a new expansion? or is it new content being added to the main game? Well, it’s neither of those. What Seasons of Discovery is, is a whole new spin on the game franchise World of Warcraft. You are probably wondering what the term “spin” has to do with anything, however, the game is completely different. Warlocks can now tank, Mages can also heal now as well, and who can forget but rouges can tanks.

All of what we knew, loved, and hated about the game World of Warcraft. It has all completely changed. Now there will be loads of new stuff to learn about World of Warcraft. From current to seasons of discovery. How can we learn about the modern World of Warcraft you may ask? Well, there could be a lot more story hiding behind Azeroth than what we once thought. With Seasons of Discovery, most things will be different.

Seasons of discovery
a new spin on the world of warcraft franchise

Seasons Of Discovery Level Cap

While players know the level cap is a big part of World of Warcraft, you must know that each game is a different level. For example, when people talk about the vanilla content, those players were only able to cap at level 60. In retail cap is level 70, and it used to be much higher than that until Blizzard added the level squish. However, in Seasons of Discovery, there will be 4 phases, of which the first one will cap us at level 25. This is pretty low for World of Warcraft but it will be interesting to see how leveling will work as a whole in World of Warcraft’s classic Seasons of Discovery.

4 Phases

The first phase of SoD is all we really have information on. However, we do know the next level caps for each phase. The level cap for the 2nd phase is 40 then 50 for the 3rd phase and lastly, 60 for the final phase in Seasons of Discovery. At this time it is uncertain for when the next phases will be released but Blizzard probably isn’t sure either.


When Seasons of Discovery plans to release

Everyone always asks when something new is about to be released so let me real that’s all you are in this section for. The release date is November 30th 2023. So in 7 days, SoD will be released and you are probably wondering how you are able to join in on the hype train?

What you need to be able to play

To be able to play Seasons of Discovery, you will need to have an active subscription to the regular World of Warcraft game. At first, players felt a little stabbed in the back to make players pay for a game service. However, as years have gone by and improvements have been made to the game. It’s only fair for us to pay 15 dollars for a game service that allows us to play 5 different games. More on this topic here



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