World of Warcraft Redridge Mountains Rares And Spawn Locations

The treacherous peaks of Redridge Mountains hold more than just stunning scenery and challenging quests. Hidden within its rugged landscape lie formidable Rare Elites, waiting to be challenged by brave adventurers. These powerful foes offer invaluable rewards for those who can overcome their might, including rare crafting materials, powerful gear, and unique trinkets.

Redridge Mountains Rares in Classic SoD

Redridge Mountains in Classic WoW: Season of Mastery (SoD) features eight rare mobs scattered throughout the zone. These rare mobs offer unique loot, making them popular hunting targets for players.

Here’s a detailed list of Redridge Mountains rares in Classic SoD:

Name: Level: Spawn Location: Notable Loot:
Boulderheart 18 East of Stonewatch Keep Boulderheart’s Hoof (epic 2h mace), Boulderheart’s Hide (epic leather)
Chatter 20 Westridge Pass, near the river Chatter’s Ring (blue ring)
Kazon 18 Northridge Lumber Camp Kazon’s Machete (blue sword), Kazon’s Hide (blue leather)
Ribchaser 18 East of Stonewatch Keep Ribchaser’s Ribcage (blue shield)
Rohh the Silent 18 South of Stonewatch Keep Rohh’s Skull (blue trinket)
Seeker Aqualon 19 Lake Everstill Aqualon’s Leggings (blue cloth), Aqualon’s Charm (blue trinket)
Snarlflare 18 West of the Redridge Mountains flight path Snarlflare’s Torch (blue wand)
Squiddic 19 Lake Everstill Squiddic’s Tentacle (blue mace), Squiddic’s Shell (blue shield)

Additional Information:

  • Rares spawn on a timer, typically ranging from 1-4 hours.
  • Some rares share spawn locations and spawn timers, so you may not always encounter the rare you’re looking for.
  • Some rares are easier to solo than others, depending on your class and level.
  • Loot drops are not guaranteed, but the chance increases with the number of players present.