World of Warcraft Elwynn Forest Rares And Spawn Locations

A map of the Stormwind region in World of Warcraft. The route starts in Elwynn Forest and passes through Westfall, Duskwood, and the Redridge Mountains before ending in Stormwind City.
The Stormwind Route is a popular route for players to take as they level up in World of Warcraft. It passes through many of the game's iconic early zones, including Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Duskwood, and the Redridge Mountains.

Welcome, adventurers, to the enchanting Elwynn Forest, the starting zone for Alliance players in World of Warcraft Classic. But amongst the lush greenery and peaceful villages, lurks a hidden danger: rare elites. These powerful creatures roam the land, offering thrilling challenges and valuable rewards for those brave enough to face them.


Name Location Main Drops
Thuros Lightfingers Shadowy alleyways of the city Gold, jewels, lockpicks
Narg the Taskmaster Hidden fortress in the mountains Rare weapons, armor, and crafting materials
Morgaine the Sly Traveling caravan of merchants Magical potions, scrolls, and enchanted trinkets
Gruff Swiftbite Deep within the Whispering Woods Powerful melee weapons and animal hides
Mother Fang Lair in the heart of a volcano Unique monster parts and powerful magical items
Fedfennel Secluded herb garden in the countryside Rare herbs, seeds, and alchemical ingredients
Wandering Swordsman Random encounters throughout the world High-quality swords, armor, and combat skills