Seal Of Martyrdom Rune In WoW Seasons Of Discovery

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The Seal of Martyrdom Rune is a powerful Paladin rune introduced in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. It offers significant weapon damage and mana regeneration for your party at a cost – sacrificing your own health. This guide explores the Seal’s mechanics, acquisition, and optimal usage scenarios.

Seal Mechanics:

  • Damage: Unleasing the Seal deals 70% weapon damage to an enemy.
  • Cost: The Paladin loses 10% of the inflicted damage as health.
  • Party Benefit: Nearby party members gain mana equal to 15% of the damage dealt.
  • Rune Slot: Engraved on the Chest slot.

The Rune of the Dawn: A Guide

Step 1: Speak with Brother Romulus

Head over to Stormwind Cathedral and seek out Brother Romulus. You can find him by taking the western stairway down and following it all the way to the lowest level.

Step 2: Locate the Note

Once on the lowest level, keep your eyes peeled for a note lying on a ledge next to a candle. Its exact location is at coordinates /way 33 24.7, but be prepared as it might take some time to respawn.

Step 3: Confront Ada Gelhardt

Set your sights on an island located at the intersection of the river flowing between Elwynn Forest, Westfall, and Duskwood. You can find the island in Duskwood at coordinates /way #1431 4.4 28.4. There you will encounter Ada Gelhardt. Prepare for a fight, but don’t worry, she will eventually surrender before succumbing to your attacks. Make sure you land the final blow to receive credit.

Step 4: Claim your Reward

Talk to Ada after her surrender to obtain the Rune of the Dawn. With this powerful item in your possession, you can continue your journey and unlock further adventures.


  • High damage output.
  • Provides mana regeneration for your party.
  • Useful for burst damage situations.


  • Can be dangerous due to self-damage.
  • Requires careful management of health.
  • Not ideal for sustained combat.

Optimal Usage:

  • Use Seal of Martyrdom for quick bursts of damage in solo play or when supported by a healer.
  • Consider your health pool and available healing before activating the Seal.
  • Use alongside other damage-boosting spells for maximum impact.


  • Seal of Righteousness: Offers consistent damage and threat generation.
  • Seal of Command: Ideal for situations requiring increased mana regeneration for your party.


The Seal of Martyrdom Rune is a powerful tool for Paladins, but requires careful consideration due to its self-damage cost. Maximize its effectiveness by understanding its mechanics, using it strategically, and choosing the right alternatives depending on the situation.