Crusader Strike World of Warcraft Seasons of Discovery

A class in world of warcraft

Paladins in WoW Classic Season of Discovery seeking a powerful and versatile ability must unlock the Crusader Strike Rune. This potent rune, engraved on the Gloves slot, delivers double the benefit, dealing damage to enemies while simultaneously replenishing your mana.

Harnessing the Power of the Crusader:

  • Crusader Strike offers a potent one-two punch, striking your foes while restoring your own mana, making it invaluable for extended combat scenarios.
  • Learn how to optimize the Engrave Gloves – Crusader Strike enchantment in our comprehensive Paladin Tank, Healer, and DPS guides to maximize its impact in your chosen specialization.

Discovering the Libram of Judgement:

  • Your journey to mastering the Crusader Strike begins with the Relics of the Light quest, bestowed upon you by your Paladin trainer. This quest leads you on a path to recover the stolen Libram of Judgement.
  • Dwarf Paladins: Seek out the Frostmane Trolls in Dun Morogh’s Coldridge Valley, where the Libram may be found amongst their spoils.
  • Human Paladins: Head to Northshire in Elwynn Forest and face the Defias who may possess the coveted Libram.

Unlocking the Crusader’s Might:

  • Once you acquire the Libram, equip it and unleash your Judgement ability 10 times to achieve the fully inspired buff.
  • Finally, activate the equipped Libram from your character sheet and witness the transformation as it bestows upon you the power of the Crusader Strike.